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    It seems like there is a bug in the latest update.

    @Enscape, please fix it.

    I am running enscape on a windows 10 pc. I7 cpu and Gforce gtx 1070 ti

    twill1023, I have a previous version running on my laptop. So I used that instead to finish my renders. May be you can do the same

    After installing the latest update 2.7.1 problems with my renders started.

    When I want to render my scene in sketchup I press the button "render image" .Then the camera in Enscape goes back an few hundred meters and renders the shot. Not the scene that I had saved in sketchup.

    Almost as if the synchronize views function doesn't work while rendering. I only have this problem when rendering. Otherwise enscape is working fine

    Can somebody help me?

    Thanks. Just downloaded the photoshop brush. But I am using enscape mainly for VR presentations. So I'm looking forward to the falling water in the next update8o

    Is there a way to create a waterfall or running water?

    When I use the water material it shows very nice on horizontal surfaces but not on a vertical surface