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    Very odd. I updated Revit to 2024.2 as well as Autodesk identity manager and the Autodesk License Installer. Still no Enscape so I uninstalled Enscape 4.0, restarted, reinstalled, then I had the Enscape Tab in Revit. BUT, now a bunch of the utilities that I had in the system tray such as Google Drive for Desktop, My audio controller, etc. are all gone.

    I have some clients who want to use my renders to display their paint colors for submittal to the Architectural Review Committee. This is something that I have discussed on the Revit Forum in the past and have tried to find answers on but haven't had any luck so far. I have looked up the RGB colors on the Sherwin Williams site but the color that comes through on the render is not even close to the actual paint color. I'm just wondering how others are handling this. Currently, I am trying to correct the color in Photoshop, which for me is a tedious process. It looks better, but still wondering if there is a better way.

    Demian Gutberlet, I selected a 4K HDR for Skybox and it came in clear but huge, and my model is hovering in the air. I've reset my card to all the defaults. Is it the card that is actually scaling the images? I have some options in the control panel to enable/disable scaling but it doesn't seem to affect anything. I also downloaded the Quadro drivers that were recommended on the Enscape site.

    It couldn't have anything to do with my monitors could it? I do have the latest drivers that were just updated 7 days ago and also have the latest version of Enscape Installed. In looking at the settings for the graphics card, I see this. I have 4 monitors and it says that none of them are HDR.

    I've been finding a lot of discussion on this subject but haven't found a solution. I, as it seems many others, have stayed away from using Skybox due to this. I am using the cross Cubemaps downloaded from the Enscape site but am still getting super blurry backgrounds. From what I have found, it looks like it may be a graphics card problem? But I have a pretty stout card, it's an Nvidia Quadro M6000 24gb card. I'd love to solve this issue. For the time being, I'm rotating and using trees to block any blurred images.