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    :/ which is true!
    (and if that should happen eventually - No! not all people need to hold a cell phone in their hand!)

    I was reading about rt's mention of person in wheelchair and it's funny Egie commented peeps with cell phones! which is really true. here is one I usually used with my renderings.. :)

    jlo totally agree, Enscape is all I need, or more accurately it produces results that our clients are more than happy about. I could spend another day tweaking this and that in VRay to produce something 5-10% better (assuming I’m skilled enough to do so) but unless our clients had seen the original(s) it’s not better it’s still just the final renders to them.

    I’d gladly see my renders go upto ½ hour each on a ‘super’ setting for final output if it meant the reflections worked properly.

    I totally agree, too. Exactly what my situation is. I used vray when I am a max user and that was more than a decade ago so I don't know if now it is as easy to use as enscape. I like spending more time modelling (just like enscape's workflow) in any given timeline to minimize post processing, not a fan of tweaking vray so I used solidrocks to simplify things. Sketchup is now my 3D tool and when they got enscape here in the office, I was amazed and did not miss vray. I feel enscape has good support though not as fast as let's say years ago and produced renderings that's ok for clients, straight - without even need do post photoshopping. I'm also just sharing my views because many times I did used TM mostly for videos. Though I needed to replace the enscape's asstes, it's ok for better controls and some cooler features like how the water looks, built in scatter. I read here about the D5 and tried it - I'd say with just the extra press to sync my sketchup views to the render window, it is a contender. I even tried some of my models that is crashing the 3.4 and did not have any problems with D5.

    Just now, I made 3 videos for presentation using this v3. My first with v3. I feel the v2 has better controls. I'm amazed how fast it produced the videos but, fighting this editor and losing in the end is no fun at all.

    p.s. since it's about a master plan presentation, I made an intro video using Google Earth Studio. Now I know what to request.. please make the Enscape video editor at least as easy and flexible like that of GE Studio!

    I don't know if this was requested already, please make assets update easier. Give us the option to "download only added assets" to update our existing offline assets location and not to choose to download the whole thing again because of the few additions. I've been doing this for the third time and it's a pain especially on rush jobs so I stayed with whatever offline set I got. Also, I'm hesitant sometimes to get the new set if the new category became less than the old set. Whatever you put in the previous, please do not remove it or at least give us the option to keep. I know it has something to do with the model quality but like the Spruce trees for example from previous version, it is usable to many of our renderings but no longer present in current releases. It's a good thing I had a model with those deleted items to copy from.

    Welcome to sketchup... the software of choice if you must do work arounds and many clicks for many simple things.

    There is a plugin / extension called Pivot around Axis kind of does what you need after the fact but not at time of placement.

    If anyone knows how to uniformly scale something in sketchup when its handles are outside the viewport, id love to know. (basically trying to scale and rotate trees that are on the edge of the frame)

    Thanks guys for the info! I appreciate it.

    Is there a feature in SketchUp that when you place an asset it will allow you to rotate it without having to return or close the asset window, click the placed asset - then rotate? I think Vectorworks did allow you to place and rotate, so I'm not sure if it is program's default or a setting that can be added to Enscape's assets. Thanks!

    I'd like to get a bit of clarification about what happens when new assets are added to the enscape asset library, (like today with version 3.0). I have previously downloaded the enscape offline asset library but would like to know if there a way to append my existing offline library with the newly added models. It takes a lot of time and data to update the offline library as I currently understand it, which is to delete the existing offline assets and redownload the whole library. Or am I missing a simpler workflow?

    thank you!

    Today, I installed the v3 and I can't seem to find an easier way to only get the updated assets. I agreed to download the whole set.. again. I think the moment I checked the box (download) it deletes all previous offline assets anyway so I just re downloaded the whole thing. I'm still hoping Enscape will have the feature of getting only the "new" assets.

    For me:

    1. Please add some different shades of green (summer) plants.

    Here is a sample of where all (face me) trees are replaced with that from the asset library and they are way better because you can see through the foliage. The trees, though of different species looked all dark green. It would be nice to have variations without using the autumn trees to get varying effects.

    2. More people with casual attire.

    Hey 777kme , we did actually change the appearance of shadows. The sharpness in this case now depends more on the scene at hand. We have an existing feature request on our agenda to allow you to change the sharpness yourself, I've given the topic a further upvote through your voice. If there is anything else you want to add to it, please kindly let me know. :)

    Add me too on this feature who would like to control the shadow sharpness, or at least be the same as it was in v2.3.

    Here is a comparison of between 2 versions - no post render edits:
    Same scene, time and settings - both sketchup and enscape..


    When I first used Enscape and amazed by the rendering speed

    I love Enscape, it's so fast and such a joy to use, but, and there is only one but, I hate having to save all models as a preset and hunting for them when I open the model and Enscape again, is there any way to save all my settings with the Sketchup model?

    I was amazed, too with Enscape speed! I would like to see this feature of able to save the settings with the file so I won't keep scratching my head due to my poor memory... If you're switching from project to project, you sometimes just want to render then send. It's hard to keep track of ( well, for me) just even a few switches or save settings each job.

    I remember using a Accurender during the older days of AutoCAD.. The trees / shrubs are placed kinda different each time - you just keep on clicking and placing trees and not getting a 'row of soldier' look. It will look like wiremesh / proxy objects 'til you render. The parametric editor even gives you the seasons option - reduce leaves, or no leaves at all. This was a great addon for landscape people before, I guess.

    So, I will just add this to the wish list: a parametric tree editor built in the asset library.


    All the shrubs, bushes and flowers are just boxes; only the trees and people get the full 'low poly' treatment (currently)

    Oh, OK. Thanks for the info. I admit they looked way nicer but It's just a bit hard sometimes to place those objects when you can't see even the basic shape of it.

    I'm not sure why some of the objects from the asset library appeared to be boxes when placed in Sketchup model, but looked fine in the live view...

    Same issue with Sketchup. The grass in v2.4 doesn't seem to show up like the way to that of 2.3.3 even I already maxed up the grass height. Also, the cloud groupings look nicer in 2.3.3 than the 2.4 given the same amount and settings. I'll send a feedback regarding this, too.