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    Hi! Thank you for the feedback.

    One 8k texture should not be a problem. It may come to problems when you have more texture data than can fit into GPU RAM. Keep in mind that you may use the 8k texture not only as diffuse map, but also as a bump map, maybe roughness map, etc. Alltogether takes much more space than one 8k texture. When you have multiple big textures, RAM can run out pretty fast. It would be nice to have the complete scene to have an example of broken behavior.

    8192x8192px is the texture size limit in 2.5. 2.4 had the limit of 2048x0248px.

    Please contact us via feedback function or via PM here on forum.

    Got a question. How the bump and other additional cards work.

    For example. There is a diffuse map of 1000 by 1000 pixels. How will a relief map of 100 by 100 pixels lie?

    Fragment of unfinished work.

    I thought of putting an additional transparent layer with active water under the layer of water.

    So far, what better way I have not found. If someone came up with a more interesting way to share please.