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    Installed D5. They clearly have a long way to go. It's extremely limited, the UI is terrible, and the basic default GI (before you add any lighting) in no way comes even close in quality to Enscape. Always fun to test out new things, but they should have waited a bit longer.

    Hi landrvr1 , yes, it works fine for us.

    Does the Oculus work with other software?

    What you describe firstly reminds me of the "Unknown Sources" option. If you've made sure that is checked - do you have other VR systems installed, like Windows Mixed Reality or Steam VR? From our experience, they tend to block each other from time to time..

    Okay, got it working! Once you start the Oculus app on the PC, go into the Enscape menu and enable VR Headset, you have to press the SketchUp button in the Quest environment when you've got the headset on... I was missing that last step.

    Again, I'm using the Link method with a USB3 cable and NOT the wireless hack referenced above.

    I can say this: The Link method is utterly fantastic looking for a VR experience. Great visual fidelity - shadows, reflections, etc. Navigating and menu options work great so far...

    So you can't use Enscape with the Quest and Link?

    There's a recent thread in the SketchUp section where Kaj talks about it, but it's unclear whether or not he or anyone at Enscape has actually gotten it to work. Nothing I've done seems to work. The headset remains unrecognized. In Unreal you have to first start the Oculus app on your PC, power-up the headset, then go into Unreal and start the VR preview. Tried the same with Enscape, didn't work either.

    Has anyone at Enscape gotten this to work? I simply get a 'searching for headset' notice. All the steps you describe have been done on my end. Tnx.

    Thought I'd chime in here with yet another request for Quest support. Been using the Quest with the new link feature and a USB3 cable, and it's a pretty fantastic experience. While the cordless/unteathered feature is certainly compelling, the reality is that most of our scenes will simply be too large and complex. The simple 'one cord' option of Link adds a huge potential. Right now we will have to still rely on Unreal for any VR experiences with the Quest, but we'd sure like to move those over to Enscape!


    Anyone? Support is saying it's to be expected with realtime ray tracing. However:

    1. Why would my associate - who is on an RTX2080Ti - have zero splotch problems until he loads my file, and now all of his projects are exhibiting the same issue?

    2. Even within an extremely basic scene with 3 white walls and a ceiling, the splotch problem is still there. The only lighting is the sun generated Enscape lighting.

    The other thing I've noticed is that there's some pretty nasty splotches on metal when using a self-illuminated material for the ceiling light fixtures. When I turn off self-ilum, the problem goes away. However, how in the world are you supposed to get bright white ceiling fixture lenses in Enscape without using self-illumination??

    I sent the file to a co-worker, and at first he didn't have the same issue. But once he started tweaking the settings (exposure, light intensity, etc) the problem appeared. In fact, on his machine he opened up a file that he had been previously working on that was just fine and the splotches started appearing in that file as well!

    At first we thought it might be the custom FBX objects I had brought into SketchUp, but when I open up a new SketchUp file and create a simple scene with SketchUp objects, the problem is still there. It appears that all of my co-workers settings on previous files have also been changed.

    EDIT: I completely uninstalled and reinstalled Enscape. Same problem exists in the file, and even in a brand new SketchUp scene...

    Hi all, first post here. Wish it was on a more positive note, lol.

    I've noticed that when I move around a scene (particularly when I turn around) there's splotches. Looks pretty horrible, actually. While these resolve themselves quickly once I release my mouse button, this isn't going to work for presentations. I've tried a bunch of adjustments, but nothing helps. At first I thought it might be the use of thin self-illuminated light fixtures and rectangular lights near the ceiling, but even when I turn off all lights AND the ceiling - relying only on the outside lighting - the splotches are still there. No amount of adjustments in the settings seem to help. The problem exists on every render quality setting (except draft, of course)

    I'm running version 2.6.0 11215.

    Tried no change.

    Tried no change.

    Tried no change.

    My specs:

    Windows 10

    RTX8000 with NVIDIA driver version 441.66 (which is the latest).

    128GB RAM

    32 Core Intel Xeon Gold 5218

    SketchUp Pro 2019

    Any help would be much appreciated. Not sure where I'm going wrong....!?