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    Would it be possible to allow us to control the export filename format from the batch render process?

    Currently it exports in the format: "Enscape_Date_Time_View Name.png"

    Ideally we'd like to control this instead to be: "View Name.png"

    This would ensure the filename was persistent when re-rendered - which is a big advantage when the images are linked into InDesign.

    Thanks for the input Phil but I’m not sure you’ve understood.

    I know what a depth channel does. What I’m interested in is the transparency of the objects, I think this would be a true alpha channel.

    Unless I’m mistaken the current Enscape alpha channel is only black/white - opaque or 100% transparent. Currently if you render an alpha channel of fully glass building it appears to be 100% transparent.

    What would be helpful is if it could read the transparency setting from the Revit material, so a material with 25% transparency rendered light grey and two layers overlapping rendered darker grey

    The new alpha channel export and direct alpha channel PNG support are fantastic…

    One observation… many years ago I used to use Art-Lantis, it had an alpha channel export which I believe was more sophisticated… instead of rendering as black/white it also rendered shades of grey depending on how many layers of “transparent” object were in front of the background.

    So, for example, if you were rendering a view looking out of a building the walls would be white (solid opaque), window glass would appear say 50% grey (partially transparent), and an open window would be black (fully transparent to the background). Likewise a view of a building from outside might have shades of grey where the background is visible through two or more panes of glass…

    The advantage, in a programme like photoshop, is the alpha channel can be used to select with levels of transparency, hence a background can be inserted in a way that retains some appearance of reflections etc… on transparent and glass surfaces.

    Something similar could probably be achieved combining the current alpha channel and materials export. For it to work perfectly the alpha channel would need to be calculating transparency levels for materials in front of the background - maybe more processing?

    Is this something which could easily be incorporated?


    In the last couple of releases the visual settings have moved to the Enscape window - which is great.

    But... its also changed so that the settings auto-save as they are edited, this is problematic, as the saved settings can be accidently changed without warning. My feeling is that the previous behaviour was much better - as soon as a setting was changed the preset switched to "new settings" and you had to manually save over an exisiting preset to overwrite the settings. It would be really great if we could get this back so that presets are less likely to be accidently changed.

    Another minor observation - the saved presets are sometimes "hidden" and the arrow to access them again is tiny - a lot of users don't even know they're there!

    ...and following on from this, is there any way that libraries of assets could be shared and/or sold...

    Am I correct in thinking once I’ve downloaded the Enscape assets, anything I add into the library folder would appear in the browser?

    Here in Australia we’re always looking for Australian native vegetation. If someone created a library of say 20 or so gum trees we’d be delighted to buy it.

    I know we can probably spend the time acquiring tree models (possibly from xfrog?) and applying materials ourselves but I’d really much rather pay for professionally setup assets and spend our time on architecture work.

    I've since found it actually does what we suggested on the Active Documents bar - not sure, but it didn't seem to be working that way previously - so essentially we want the same behavior on the favorites side bar as we already have on the Active Documents pulldown.

    Would it be possible for the various Enscape menus that show Revit view names deal better with long names? (Active Documents pull down and Favourites sidebar)

    Currently they cut off after 25 or so characters. Often we name views logically when there are multiple options, and we find the critical bit of the name is cut off in Enscape.

    Perhaps the View name could scroll or show in full when selected?

    Demian - brilliant... happy customer!

    I’ve not played with the customisation settings since the very early days of using Enscape and had completely forgotten about them. Works perfectly. Thank you.

    Would it be possible to add a “draft” watermark to the standalone exe?

    We have a problem that our non-Revit savvy staff review the model using the standalone exe - and take screen grabs from the model. This is problematic workflow-wise, as we can’t recreate the views easily.

    I know the solution is to “educate” the staff but...

    I’d also like to be able to stamp the exe file with a “draft” (similar to the rain effect when there’s no licence) so that we can stop uncontrolled screen grabs being used in presentations...

    Active Documents pull-down is a nightmare... please consider a proper window, like other Enscape menus, or another way to add views to favourites. It’s very glitchy, often not opening at all or flashing open and closed.

    Agreed, but in the same way we’d also never use Navis for anything visual, I’d never use Enscape for “BIM”. You can’t select objects in Enscape can you? So essentially it’s just a list of what’s in the model - I already have that in Revit. I’m genuinely curious what the workflow is that it’s supposed to support?

    Bit puzzled as to what the feature is intended to be used for? It’s nowhere near the level of Navisworks type programmes in terms of BIM workflow, so I’m unclear when it would actually be useful.

    Hi Demian,

    It would allow us more control in post production. By assigning the “transparency” export to an alpha channel in photoshop I’d be able to select the pixels of the Enscape render with a transparency mask and slide in a background without loosing reflections or sheen on glass.

    If you refer to the image below - it’d be difficult to add a cityscape background in here as there is a view through the building facade. The transparency channel would make the process much simpler.

    Likewise, say I render a car with a white background then want to drop it onto a black background it’d allow the reflection on the car windscreen to be preserved without having to mask out all the views through the glass.

    (alternatively you might just add “black background” to the options - similar to the existing “white background” - but that’s a different request!)

    I appreciate it’s niche but it’s a workflow that used to exist in Maxwell and VRay and a function that I’d imagine would be relatively simple to add, given we already have raster exports for depth, material, ID, etc...