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    Maybe I was not clear,

    I do not think any opinion, emotional or pragmatic, is wrong. I just stopped putting emotional part of me to the software, or to be completely honest, I start emotionally, but if is for work I cut that part as soon possible so I can see how can I afford it for work. If it's possible then great, if not, then great again, I will move to the next that I can afford. Guess I am OK, since I use Blender also, but there is just no point to lose my sleep thinking about that.

    I just don´t have any influence on it.

    In the last three years all rendering in the School I work part-time is done in Enscape, almost all of my students continue to use it after they leave the school. I know because I do have contact with them from time to time to answer a few questions or to give an advice.

    The day when Enscape is not something they can afford as one person studio I will find something else and make that a part of my curriculum.

    For now Enscape is still the best solution since it¨s integration with Sketchup is excellent, and the price is still good.

    Those small enterprises often reach a wall when comes to investment funding.

    Even Blender blossomed quicker with all that money from all those big names.

    I just stop believing in small firms becoming a name for themselves with hard work and only their money, in 'the interest of their customers'.

    They just hit that wall and then comes big spender as TAA is and I just can´t blame them for taking up their offer.

    I don´t have trust in big name companies nor I distrust them, I just go with what is viable for me or my students.

    There is nothing I can do to change any of those business decisions that teams like Enscape make.

    In quite some years now I have abandoned this notion that I have to stay with one product or another, to be loyal user base.

    It is just not something that I should do because all those companies are here to make profit, the bottom line and they will make a decision to meet that one way or another, with a userbase in mind or not. So these days I go with software that gives to me what I need to make my work viable, whether is it my personal business or teaching I am considering, it may be two (or more) different products to meet my students' needs and luckily software today is quite user friendly to not need months to catch up to the new workflow.

    Hi, and thank you for your suggestion.

    Yes NVidia GPU is on the latest drivers.

    I ended up fixing it by installing just MS drivers for ADM APU.

    For now, this will be the solution, I will try to see what has gone wrong later this month since it is my work laptop, and don´t have time to spare investigating the cause.

    Hi all,

    just got Acer Nitro 5 ( Ryzen 7 5800H, 16 GB RAM, RTX 3070 8 GB.

    I use Sketchup 2021 Pro with Enscape-3.2.0+65063., and whatever I try I just can't get Enscape to use RTX 3070, it starts with loading scene and gets to 5%, and that window disappear.

    I am left with the Enscape window which says it loading but nothing happens.

    When I check General Settings, under Rendering all Hardware-accelerated Ray Tracing options are grayed out.

    Does anyone have some suggestions hot to fix this?

    If you just got and explode group, and then explode just group where a picture is, Enscape will show correct tiling for that texture.

    After that, I regrouped it all again and it works well, I tested with ThruPaint to change the texture and it renders correctly.

    I guess that is DC, I use SU2020 and when I scale it with scale tool it breaks badly so I can not test it as DC, and scaling that DC could create texture problems, but I am not proficient in DC so I can´t give any advice on that.

    Hi guys,

    yes, I would go with something like a library that can be made by my self.

    Working with Enscape in SU I have to add bump/normal maps, roughness or adjusting and etc..

    If I can save that material into the library and use it in a way like in Vray,

    selecting material in Vray library and applying it to a surface/object in SU changes also SU material in a viewport.

    I did not test new build yet so maybe I am off of this topic.