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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Yeah the scale out of Revit is all over the place. The update even broke some existing assets before I upgraded the Enscape Version. What happened? Its incredibly inconsistent.

    Just bumping this as a request. Please add material / colour overrides for people entourage. Would be really great for more diagrammatic views. Would be great to both have an option where the assets are in silhouette only and have no shadows as well as an option where they do have shadows to allow for a variety of diagram styles.

    Maybe instead of vertical grass, more plant assets that can be hosted on workplanes / walls in Revit so users can create green walls. Planting elements is currently one of Enscape's weakest points when working out of Revit. Would be great to have more options.

    See this video on how to use PBR materials in Revit:

    That's showing normal maps, specular etc. Not the same as displacement mapping. There's no specific slot in Revit for displacement. Hence the question is it working / how is it being accomplished. Which slot is used? Or is there custom API etc.

    I'm afraid, we did remove some trees due to them not meeting our quality standards. We'll try to make sure that there will not be any further Assets removed in the future - the trees which we removed really were from when the Asset Library had just been released, and we're aware that this can be off-putting especially of course in existing projects. Hopefully you can simply (re-)place some of our new trees in your scenes. :)

    You should bring back or find a replacement for the spruce trees. Most of the removed trees were garbage and weren't used. The spruce one's weren't great but were the only tree of that type available in Enscape.

    I think in general a more advanced sky and weather option set would be amazing. Just looking at the weather and sky engine built into the new Microsoft flight simulator. Anything half as good would be brilliant. I especially love the real time weather ability, and the volumetric clouds. Could be quite cool if Enscape's clouds were properly volumetric and something that could actually be moved through.

    instance parameters on height of trees to easily ad some variation in height trough dynamo

    There actually is already a way to control tree height instance parameter. If you link Revit family to asset it creates a height instance parameter in your Revit family. You can then use this to control the height of the rendered tree.

    As someone who generally works on large scale projects, accessories aren't super important to our images. Definitely a focus on vegetation and people are the most important. More varieties of vegetation; seasonal assets etc. Having some form of snow filter / season adjustment filter would be really cool.

    I'm working in Canada, so trees with fall leaves, or trees with no leaves would be very useful.

    I know this is a longshot, but anyway to get a better looking Aspen tree, within the next few days?

    The current one isn't the best looking. Working out of Revit, so I am unable to use custom assets.

    Have a deadline for a client presentation and ideally want something that's both good looking and matches landscape's planting.

    I doubt this will get done, but worth a shot :)

    If an older version has the asset library available, then all assets will be available no matter which release you have installed. If you're using an really old version, in which the Asset library was not yet available at all, then you will not be able to make use of our Assets.

    What issues are you experiencing with our latest release KMarren ?

    Been in contact with your support for a while. A model which has worked perfect right up until the start of 2.6 had had crashing issues. With it 2.7 is entirely useless. Basically the model worked in 2.5 and earlier. In 2.6 it mostly works, but if I have a lot of people in the model it crashes on rendering. In 2.7 the ultra setting never start working in the file after opening and after an extended period of time waiting Enscape crashes and force closes Revit. (Tried with RTX disabled and no skybox reference) Running RTX 2080 with latest drivers installed.

    When it comes to the asset library, why are new assets only available with new Enscape releases. If it's a web based system shouldn't they be available for older versions. I'm currently having issues with the new releases of Enscape and Revit.