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    instance parameters on height of trees to easily ad some variation in height trough dynamo

    There actually is already a way to control tree height instance parameter. If you link Revit family to asset it creates a height instance parameter in your Revit family. You can then use this to control the height of the rendered tree.

    As someone who generally works on large scale projects, accessories aren't super important to our images. Definitely a focus on vegetation and people are the most important. More varieties of vegetation; seasonal assets etc. Having some form of snow filter / season adjustment filter would be really cool.

    I'm working in Canada, so trees with fall leaves, or trees with no leaves would be very useful.

    I know this is a longshot, but anyway to get a better looking Aspen tree, within the next few days?

    The current one isn't the best looking. Working out of Revit, so I am unable to use custom assets.

    Have a deadline for a client presentation and ideally want something that's both good looking and matches landscape's planting.

    I doubt this will get done, but worth a shot :)

    If an older version has the asset library available, then all assets will be available no matter which release you have installed. If you're using an really old version, in which the Asset library was not yet available at all, then you will not be able to make use of our Assets.

    What issues are you experiencing with our latest release KMarren ?

    Been in contact with your support for a while. A model which has worked perfect right up until the start of 2.6 had had crashing issues. With it 2.7 is entirely useless. Basically the model worked in 2.5 and earlier. In 2.6 it mostly works, but if I have a lot of people in the model it crashes on rendering. In 2.7 the ultra setting never start working in the file after opening and after an extended period of time waiting Enscape crashes and force closes Revit. (Tried with RTX disabled and no skybox reference) Running RTX 2080 with latest drivers installed.

    When it comes to the asset library, why are new assets only available with new Enscape releases. If it's a web based system shouldn't they be available for older versions. I'm currently having issues with the new releases of Enscape and Revit.

    With one of my fairly large detailed projects in Revit 2019 every main release of Enscape just makes it less stable. 2.5 worked perfect. 2.6 started crashing when there was people turned on. 2.7 The raytracing doesn't even start. Just stays on low graphics settings or crashes. Has anyone else experienced issues like this on large projects?

    When using the 2.7 Beta, I could get mine to load in Revit when the scope box was on a small piece of the building. But it would refuse to work with my full building and site, though the project works fine in all previous releases. I'm a big fan of the new orthographic view, looking forward to further explorations once its working properly.

    I know animated people will be a long process, but if it can make for a quicker release. Maybe prioritize an animated fire system / other particles / water fall etc. and rustling vegetation. I'd hope these things might be simpler and allow for quicker implementation. Obviously not expecting anything until well into next year.

    Awesome vegetation. Great work!

    You selected Revit as your tool for this thread? Must be Sketchup, right?

    I wish it was Revit, but I don't think that's quite possible yet. At least not without having insanely heavy geometry within the model. (custom assets....hint.hint.) :)

    More coniferous trees. The ones currently in the library aren't the greatest for representing trees where the branches go all the way to the ground / smaller height ones. I've been half embedding them in the ground which isn't the greatest option.

    Also winter trees. Just a small handful would be nice that could be quickly replaced in a scene.

    It is on our agenda for our next release, first for Revit as it has currently the worst solution.

    We want to release it around October.

    Did this ever happen? You were mentioning October of last year for being able to use our own proxies out of Revit. Which as far as I'm aware is still a no go.

    +1 Not sure if possible, but some form of workflow that allows for Displacement maps out of Revit would be awesome. Not sure the logistics of this as there is no displacement map slot in Revit. Maybe it can be implemented into the bump map somehow depending upon intensity.

    I have been testing the latest preview versions of Enscape 2.6.1 on two separate buildings. Both are relatively heavy Revit files. Though everything is pretty cleanly modeled with no crazy families (all in house modeled). One of the buildings is fairly new in schematic design and has only been used with Enscape 2.6 and beyond. This file seems to work fine with RTX in the latest two preview versions. The other building has been floating around for a while and has worked perfectly with all versions of Enscape up until the latest two releases; When RTX was enabled. The file now crashes frequently. It will be working fine then just stop responding. This is better than in version 4 when I couldn't even get a render out of it. But it's still odd that it crashes. As If I run any other version of Enscape pre the last two releases Enscape runs fine.

    I'm running an RTX 2080 Graphics card and am using Enscape out of Revit 2019.

    I am running the latest studio Nvidia drivers as of November 6.

    I understand there are stability issues with preview versions, I just don't know why the added RTX functionality has made one of my files so unstable while it hasn't affected another one.

    Unfortunately I can't send the files for public disclosure reasons.