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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.


    I teach Sketchup and Enscape to Universtiy students. i just saw that you have updated Enscape for Mac users, but I'm unclear if its now full-featured and very similar to the Windows version?


    Diane Dieterich

    I am preparing to teach Enscape in the Fall Quarter. I'm wondering if the Enscape for Mac version is now full-featured, or is it still missing a few of the tools that are available on a PC? I don't see any recent information on your site.


    Diane Dieterich

    My license works on one machine, but when I sign out, and then try to sign in on my laptop, it says the license is invalid. When I copy the license number back to the first machine, it accepts it. Would it matter that I have the newest version of Enscape on one machine and the last version on the other?

    Just as another FYI, my current Enscape license is an academic version as I am an instructor. However, when I try to sign into the forum with that email, I keep getting an invalid password error message, but it won't allow me to change it, so I had to go back to an old account to post here on the forum. I'd appreciate some help in solving that issue also. Happy to share that email in a private message.

    I appreciate some support with this. The license moving issue is brand new. The account issue has been going on for several months.


    Diane Dieterich

    I am rendering with Enscape and am getting crazy erratic results. I am an experienced Enscape user.

    Glass materials are all glowing, strange light leaks everywhere, exposures all over the place. I'm attaching a couple of screenshots. I tried downloading the newest Enscape version and did not help.

    Thanks for the help!

    Here's is another erratic result following up on my last post from yesterday.

    I am rendering this model as a plan and all is normal. Then when I tried to render section planes, they turned almost completely black, regardless of the exposure settings. Didn't matter if I Zoomed in to include less of the background or even if I built a shadow box around the scene. I also uploaded the files through the feedback button.

    But, if seems that you need an account and password to sign into the Enscape License Center. Since students working in our lab have not purchased Enscape themselves (they are using the academic versions purchased by the school), can they still make an Enscape account and sign into the license center?



    I haven't created my own proxies in awhile, and wondering if the method has changed. I can still right-click on a component, and choose "save as external model for Enscape". Works as it always -has. However, I move between a couple of computers, and don't see the option when right-clicking on the proxy place-holder to Relink maps and proxies. Has that moved somewhere else or maybe this works differently now with the new asset library options. Can someone please explain?


    I teach at Bellevue College in Seattle, WA and next week I want to demo to students how to export panoramas and then make a gallery or tour from them. However, they will be using academic licenses on the school computers, so I am wondering where the panoramas will end up since they don't have individual logins and passwords to Enscape since they don't have their own subscriptions. I'll do a little trial myself, but hoping to get some guidance or workarounds from the experts also.

    Thanks Paul. Your tour looks great! What software did you use to put that together?

    So, it seems like the key is just to have a pretty neutral light set-up with the sun overhead so as not to have extreme differences in light and shadows in different parts of the panorama?

    I've been investigating exporting panoramas and am struggling with lighting balance issues. I'm working on a large hospitality space and 2 sides are banks of floor to ceiling windows, while other sides are much darker. If pulling renderings, I would just quickly adjust some settings to get good images quickly of both, but it seems like the panorama must be taken completely at one "exposure." This seems like I then need to add a lot of lights to the darker areas. Does anyone else have another method or quicker workflow?


    It would be really beneficial if you could release some guidance to all users regarding this issue. After issues, I'm still using the old versions, but I'm about to have 70 students who all will be downloading Endsacpe in the next week. I'm not clear if the issue has been resolved, if it's still ongoing, etc.

    Giving all your users some clear and accurate current information in one statement seems like good customer service. Thanks!

    I was having issues with Enscape crashing so was trying to update my drivers to see if that would solve the issue, but then I read about the graphics drivers issue. I instead updated to the studio version on this computer, but it still continues to crash. This is a PC with a GE Force RTX 3080. It continued to act erratically.

    I then tried to move to my other computer and downloaded 528.49 on it. It is an Alienware laptop with the same graphics card. When I tried to launch Enscape, all I got was a blank white screen.

    I of course have deadlines looming. Can you tell me which older versions to return to which are currently stable and when your fix will be out. I am sending a feedback report with logs from both computers now also.


    I teach SketchUp and Enscape in the Interior Design Program at Bellevue College in Seattle, WA. I, along with my students, am saddened by the sharp increase in your pricing for students, especially for students like mine who currently need the program for 1/3 of a quarter as an intro Freshman class and then probably won't use the software for another year. While I understand the need for some compensation, I think you might not realize that $150 / year is a steep price for many students. In comparison, the academic version of SketchUp is $59 / yr and Revit is free.

    My college had 3 students who were finalists in SketchUp's College Ascent competition this year, and they all used Enscape. Pricing your software so that it's affordable and in reach of many students will ensure they become proficient at the college level and continue to utilize it as professionals. And as a department, we need to factor in its affordability to students when choosing which software to teach.

    I have a specific question about your current pricing model. Your Academic page seems to insinuate that students can purchase a monthly subscription, which makes much more sense for my students, but then I don't see any options to purchase month-to-month. Is this true?

    Thanks for the information to share with my department and students.

    Diane Dieterich

    Bellevue College

    In the last few days, I'm getting some bizarre behavior from Enscape when it renders materials. I'm attaching 2 examples.

    In the first, Enscape is completely replacing a material with another (see original white tile in one and red in the other) Even after deleting the material, purging the model, creating a new material, and replacing it in the SketchUp model, it still changed the material completely.

    In the second example, the wood material is rendering with white speckles. I did the same process of deleting, purging, and adding new material, and the result was still the same. As a test, I removed all reflectivity, bump and rendered on settings with the highest resolution but still got the same result.

    Not sure what else to try..please help!

    Diane Dieterich

    I teach a bunch of students who are currently using their SU 2021 Academic licenses. Our computer lab also has SU 2021 and your older version of Enscape. The school doesn't like to upgrade licenses mid-quarter because of technical issues.

    My students are about to start learning Enscape, and I assume that when they download the free academic version from Enscape from your site, that they will get the newest version. Because of the reasons above, I need them to download the version compatible with 2021. I assume I can direct them to somewhere on your site to find it?


    Diane Deiterich

    I'd appreciate any comments from users about the compatibility of SketchUp 22 and Enscape 3.3? I teach both programs at Bellevue College and want to make sure that there haven't been any major issues before we upgrade all the school computers. Since I'm not seeing any comments in the forum

    , it looks like all is well....

    Thanks much!

    Diane Dieterich