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    I was having issues with Enscape crashing so was trying to update my drivers to see if that would solve the issue, but then I read about the graphics drivers issue. I instead updated to the studio version on this computer, but it still continues to crash. This is a PC with a GE Force RTX 3080. It continued to act erratically.

    I then tried to move to my other computer and downloaded 528.49 on it. It is an Alienware laptop with the same graphics card. When I tried to launch Enscape, all I got was a blank white screen.

    I of course have deadlines looming. Can you tell me which older versions to return to which are currently stable and when your fix will be out. I am sending a feedback report with logs from both computers now also.


    I teach SketchUp and Enscape in the Interior Design Program at Bellevue College in Seattle, WA. I, along with my students, am saddened by the sharp increase in your pricing for students, especially for students like mine who currently need the program for 1/3 of a quarter as an intro Freshman class and then probably won't use the software for another year. While I understand the need for some compensation, I think you might not realize that $150 / year is a steep price for many students. In comparison, the academic version of SketchUp is $59 / yr and Revit is free.

    My college had 3 students who were finalists in SketchUp's College Ascent competition this year, and they all used Enscape. Pricing your software so that it's affordable and in reach of many students will ensure they become proficient at the college level and continue to utilize it as professionals. And as a department, we need to factor in its affordability to students when choosing which software to teach.

    I have a specific question about your current pricing model. Your Academic page seems to insinuate that students can purchase a monthly subscription, which makes much more sense for my students, but then I don't see any options to purchase month-to-month. Is this true?

    Thanks for the information to share with my department and students.

    Diane Dieterich

    Bellevue College

    In the last few days, I'm getting some bizarre behavior from Enscape when it renders materials. I'm attaching 2 examples.

    In the first, Enscape is completely replacing a material with another (see original white tile in one and red in the other) Even after deleting the material, purging the model, creating a new material, and replacing it in the SketchUp model, it still changed the material completely.

    In the second example, the wood material is rendering with white speckles. I did the same process of deleting, purging, and adding new material, and the result was still the same. As a test, I removed all reflectivity, bump and rendered on settings with the highest resolution but still got the same result.

    Not sure what else to try..please help!

    Diane Dieterich

    I teach a bunch of students who are currently using their SU 2021 Academic licenses. Our computer lab also has SU 2021 and your older version of Enscape. The school doesn't like to upgrade licenses mid-quarter because of technical issues.

    My students are about to start learning Enscape, and I assume that when they download the free academic version from Enscape from your site, that they will get the newest version. Because of the reasons above, I need them to download the version compatible with 2021. I assume I can direct them to somewhere on your site to find it?


    Diane Deiterich

    I'd appreciate any comments from users about the compatibility of SketchUp 22 and Enscape 3.3? I teach both programs at Bellevue College and want to make sure that there haven't been any major issues before we upgrade all the school computers. Since I'm not seeing any comments in the forum

    , it looks like all is well....

    Thanks much!

    Diane Dieterich

    I originally posted the query below 2 years ago when there didn't seem to be any easy solutions. I'm wondering if progress has been made on this issue since:

    I'm about to start teaching Enscape (with SketchUp) in our Interior Design program at Bellevue College. Students will be constantly moving their projects back and forth between their home and school computers. I'm unclear about how this would work with proxies. Would the student need to somehow "relink" to the proxy component files to get Enscape to recognize them?


    Diane Dieterich


    Thanks for your quick response. Unfortunately, if students are just taking this class for a quarter, it is very difficult if they don't receive their licenses quickly especially now when they are often working remotely at home. Why do the majority seem to receive them automatically, while others do not? How can I assist students who should be working on their final projects now using your software yet haven't received them? Is there anyway to share a general license code with instructors that we could pass along to students?

    Thanks so much!

    Diane Dieteich


    I teach Enscape at Bellevue College near Seattle, Washington. In the past, when my students have ordered their Academic Licenses, they have received them immediately. However, this quarter, there were a small group of students who reported getting no response when they submitted. Some of these were tracked down to finding their information in junkmail, etc. However, we could not determine what happened with the others. This seems to be a new issue. Any general ideas of what might be happening or how students should troubleshoot?


    Diane Dieterich

    I'm recording a video of a home with large windows and white walls and ceilings and am attempting to use the urban background, which has lots of green grass in it. This is turning all my walls and ceilings green, which I assume is supposed to represent the reflected green light, but it is so unrealistic. I've attempted to compensate by shifting my white materials to having a pink cast, but that seems like a very clumsy work-around. Suggestions?

    I'm recording a video moving through a model where there are varying light levels in different parts of the home. If I was taking screenshots / exporting images, I can adjust the light levels to be correct for each scene, but I'm not understanding how to do that in a video. I'm leaving auto exposure on, but that doesn't seem to be creating correct exposures in different parts of the house. Is there any way to adjust the different light levels using the visual settings in individual keyframes or how to others deal with this?

    I am working on a model with Enscape settings which I will need to share with multiple students. I was reading through your online info on materials to see if there was anything new that I wasn't currently aware of, and read this message below. Can someone please clarify what we should pay attention to in the "gear" icon and how you adjust the storage location to let multiple users access?



    Before importing any materials, you should decide whether the project will be shared with another user for collaborative purposes. If this is the case, a storage location where all users working on a project will have access to. Therefore, you should pay attention to the ‘gear’ icon that can be found at the bottom left corner of the dialog in both the Material Library, and the Material Editor. If you do not adjust the storage location then when a project file is opened by another user, that user will not be able to access the materials assigned in the project due to the default storage location being assigned locally by default. This means that the materials assigned in the project will need to be manually reimported from the Material Library and reassigned.

    When I open a new model to render, it seems that I still have the settings in enscape that I used for the last project. Before the upgrade, there was an option in settings to reset all back to default. I don't see that it there somewhere?