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Reminder: If you encounter any issues with Enscape (including installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Feedback button as detailed here. Thank you for your understanding.

    Yes Enscape Mac crashes constantly. I originally came to Enscape through SketchUp Windows. Now using it half time on Mac. Although there have been significant improvements to the appearance of rendering on Mac, which is great. It not only crashes but locks up everything… most of the time requiring a complete reboot. Any serious work with textures, lighting, etc. seems to simply overwhelm the system to the core… on both a high end M2 MacBook Pro and a similarly high end Mac Studio. The Mac OS and hardware is fully up to handling Enscape… it’s just that the software is buggy. Thank goodness for SketchUp autosave. I want to encourage Chaos to continue the investment on the Mac side, because if Enscape didn’t crash, the hardware and OS are certainly a great platform for Enscape.

    SketchUp Enscape Mac doesn’t recognize Scenes that turn off SketchUp Tags in a comprehensive constructible model of a custom home. Enscape wants to leave all Tags active regardless of what the Scene represents. As an example, I have scene Design Tags and Engineering Tags. Engineering show all the structure, Design shows everything but… everything that will be seen once the house is complete. I have Scenes that shut off engineering and just show Design, but Enscape insists on leaving the Engineering Tags on which causes the render to show, for example, a pink truss to flash through beneath a deck even though I don’t want this in the render. Is there a fix for this certainly doesn’t happen with Windows Enscape.

    Enscape is a game changer for us. As a mixed shop (architecture, development, interiors, engineering, constructible modeling, construction) the truth is, the design team prefers to be creative in a Mac environment. Revit is fine, but so so limited. Interiors are much much faster in SketchUp, and as we've learned time and time again, Mac is a much more predictable platform for workflow. Every Windows machine has its own quirks. Enscape runs really well on one machine, but not so well on another with the same configuration. The beauty of the Mac OS is that everything runs the same on every machine. Thomas, I understand that you are a developer but what we really need is a predictable result on WHATEVER machine we run Enscape on. We had problems launching Enscape in VR at SketchUp Basecamp before our talk. On a very high end PC. We have launched Enscape on top of SketchUp under the pressure of presentation, and it gets weird and slow some days, and works great others. Like at AU 2017 or IBS the same year. Or when we were the keynote at Trimble in 2017. The Mac OS would be a great addition because it is stable. And consistent. SketchUp or Revit plus Enscape on Mac are more predictable and require far less tweaking. My iMacs and MacBook pros are much better for creative work. Faster, and more stable. Please put yourself into our space, and less the developer space, and develop Enscape for Mac. It's a no brainer from the user side. If you have doubts, I welcome you to visit our shop.