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    Hi all,

    Apologies but just a little moan and apologies if this has been covered before but...

    I could have sworn that when the web-standalone was first released WASD could be used to navigate?

    Is there reason WASD is disabled? It is so awkward using arrow keys, especially for laptop users which is the primary reason we export to Web; to allow low powered client machines (often laptops) to navigate models.


    Hi fco3d,

    Double check that the 3D view you're looking at in Revit, is the same 3D view Enscape is showing.

    We sometimes have these different on purpose; so we're able to model in Revit, whilst hiding things to make it a bit easier to work with, whilst showing the entirely of the model in Enscape.

    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick question, we have a floating licence in our small office that works fantastically however, we've noticed a strange and annoying behaviour recently.

    When user one has the licence and user two is using Enscape in the watermarked mode, for modelling aid/reference purposes; after user one has finished with the licence and closes Enscape, the licence is automatically given and taken up by user two without any notification from the system that this has happened.

    User two then continues to use Enscape in the watermark mode, whist they have taken the licence without knowing so; meaning that no other user can then take the licence back until user two closes Revit entirely. It would seem that, just closing Enscape doesn't give the licence back, i'd imagine because the system knows the user is in watermark mode and thus doesn't release the licence that it doesn't think it has?

    I know an obviously solution would be to buy more floating licences! Trust me, i'd love to and support you guys more, it's just not in our budget at the moment.

    Anyone else experienced similar or are we doing something wrong?


    Micha, I understand your frustration with keyboard controls; i've had some people say similar - it tends to be a skill that PC gamers have picked up.

    In my office I show people these resources, to help them practice and get more comfortable with keyboard/mouse control:

    Free Minecraft

    WASD Practice

    We also make use of an xbox controller in our meeting room which is great for client engagements in their projects.

    Hope this helps

    Hi there,

    I've recently purchased and built 2 PC's of which I specified a low/mid tier card; AMD Radeon RX 560 (Sapphire) and honestly - I wasn't hoping for great live quality from Enscape with them but; I was wrong. Fortunately they work great - being just about able to navigate a live project with ultra settings.

    However, I feel I may have uncovered a problem with output resolutions in Enscape and these cards specifically;

    When exporting an image or video with the same quality settings as the live navigation I get a very glitched image.

    After we toyed with the settings to try and find out what was causing the problem we found that: selecting one of the predefined resolutions (so "4k" all the way down to "1024x768") produced the same glitched result.

    However, when selecting the "Window" option and increasing the size of the window to the maximum (1080p I guess, minus the top window bar) both images and video outputs work perfectly.

    Please can you shine any light on this issue? I feel that if it was a problem with the card i.e. not good enough or faulty - then I wouldn't be able to output at the window resolution option either - which in theory is better than the "1024x768" & "720p" presets? Please let me know if i'm misunderstanding the way the resolutions work.

    Either way I thought I'd share.

    To be clear; we are running Mid/High tier Nvidia Cards elsewhere in the office all of which I am unable to replicate the same issues - they all work fine regardless of settings.

    I've attached 3 images of the same scene rendered in there different resolution presents.

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your response,

    I won't be able to mirror the link back - the house is the way it needs to be on site, so the only solution currently would be to rebuild the house mirrored, which i'm probably not going to do. Not to worry - it isn't detrimental the windows display perfectly, it's good to know it's a known issue and not something i've caused or missed!

    Does this also mean window families that are mirrored within projects display like this too?


    An issue concerning glass;

    I'm currently populating a site with houses that are linked into my project, now the houses I'm showing here are identical; in that they are the same link but duplicated:

    Now, the house of the left displays glass as I would expect, whereas the house on the right reflects light as a mirror would.

    I understand that glass and reflections are something that are currently being looked at, I just thought that this instance was particularly strange; considering that materials are the same but one link is displayed different to the other.

    Any help offered would be appreciated.