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    Good Morning,

    The Quest 2 is really a good headset in both quality and the ease of use. Ofcourse in case of visual clarity it's good but there are better HMD's on the market. I think the Quest 2 is for me the sweet spot. Use it as standalone, tethered or on Wifi, all is possible. No external sensores or bulky hardware needed.

    Wishing for an standalone Enscape app one-day ;)

    Hi RubyRieke,

    If you use the link-cable you don't need Virtual Desktop. Just open the Oculus app like you would do with the Oculus Rift.

    Oculus app needs to be running and then it should be work very simple.

    Good luck

    I was wondering the same thing. Everywhere I read:

    "Add a higher level of detail to your scene with Displacement Maps! Give surfaces a greater sense of depth and include self-shadowing. Use it in combination with the existing Normal map and Bump map to enhance the realism in your design! "

    Please make it possible, displacement or height maps for big details and normal or bump maps for the finer details.

    P.S. Maybe this thread is not at the correct spot, Moderator?

    Hi all,

    I find that with using the Link on Quest 2 the view is not that clear as for instance the games or oculus home?

    I use the original link cable and run the Oculus Software in Beta. The quality of Enscape is lower / less sharp than other applications. Turned Ultra rendering on. Tested this on two systems, one with a RTX2080Ti and on RTX5000.

    Is the resolution capped or something?

    And thank you Vstudio for pointing me out to press down the thumbstick while in Streaming Mode with Virtual Studio ;)

    Just wanted to add some ideas.

    As a Gravity sketch user I came to the following idea.

    Enscape does provide some webspace to store models to view in the browser and pano's and such. Now what if we were able to store a Draft or Medium rendering quality model on the server and load it up in the Quest (2) on a dedicated Enscape app?

    This app could also be a platform for multi-user experiences? Now I know this may sounds a little bit to much Oculus Quest / Facebook bound, but other portable or similar products aren't really available right?

    Enscape is already a big help in the design-process, but to be able to go portable (and multi-user) would be of great value to probably more users.

    Gravity sketch provides this with their Landing pad, you can store and upload files from your PC and they will be immediately be available in the headset. Maybe offline storage would be recommended in case of no internet connection.

    Hi Mannyl,

    The P73 came with the RTX5000 and sometimes it needs a reboot to get Enscape VR running ok, but performance is good.

    One thing to keep in mind with the P73 is that it comes with Hybrid graphics. It uses the onboard graphics and switches to the Quadro when performance is needed. This is to save battery, but I disabled it because it just isn't working. Maybe Lenovo will iron this out later, but for now I have the Quadro switched on full time.

    And to add to the Rift S, VRcover has washable covers for the visor available. Unfortunately not (yet) for the halo like they had for PSVR.

    To add my 2 cents,

    I have the P73 with Quadro 5000 and a Rift S and absolutely love the setup and portability. Having used the Vive Pro for a while I must say I'm glad I went back to Oculus again, especially eliminating the use of external sensors.

    Also bought the Quest and start to venture in streaming from the P73 to the Quest.... another story, but that will be the holy grail :)