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    One year after my original post I am still with D5 Render. I am on their monthly plan which is reasonably priced. I am currently using a RTX 4070 ti Super and my experience using it is.....super. Enscape's updates over the past year have been minuscule in comparison to D5 Render. My only real complaint of D5 Render is the awkward quality of many of the animated walking and running characters. However, I use them sparingly and at a distance. The reasons I originally stated for switching to D5 Render are stronger than ever along with multiple other improvements and upgrades. I would still enjoy seeing Enscape seriously upgrade their product but I no longer concern myself with that.

    After a year and a half of worthwhile usage of Enscape I've decided to switch to D5 Render. The main reasons are:

    1. D5 allows for animated figures and vehicles. It's easy to do and can have a huge impact on the sense of realness of certain scenes. It's important not to overdo it.

    2. The video editor is better. The odd and clunky video editor used by Enscape was too frustrating to use in my opinion.

    3. Price. D5 Render is substantially cheaper versus Enscape.

    The only issue I've encountered with D5 Render is that is takes longer to render a scene or video versus Enscape. Up to fifty-percent longer in some cases. I'm using an antiquated RTX 2070. I don't mind the extra time since I'm not doing production work.

    Good luck everyone.

    I agree with Atleiersun that the current video editor, as of September 22, 2022, is difficult to use. My recommendation is to offer two versions of the video editor. Allow the user of Enscape to choose between the current version and a more 'professional' version when editing a video.

    The 'professional' version should include time arrows such as pause, fast-forward, reverse play, etc., during preview mode. As much as I enjoy using Enscape and prefer it to competing software, the video editor is currently the weakest feature and I find myself avoiding using it as much as possible; what a shame.

    Thank you,