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    Last time I checked EEVEE was a drop in replacement for cycles, as in it's real time, but not interactive. Ever since the Blender Game Engine was removed, Blender was relegated to content editor and offline renderer.

    But then I am also not entirely sure Enscape is a good fit, Blender has it's own almost real time render and the interactive part Blender users may want would be more along a game engine. Also the licensing issue might be a tag tricky...

    This is odd, I tired to reproduce your problem by placing an IES light in the center of the room and on the wall for reference:

    I don't see the issue with the (almost done) 2.6.

    Is the light panel / fixture emissive? How does the scene look like in draft mode? Can you send me the IES file and a small reproduction file where the issue appears and I can have a look.

    Hello DotTumin,

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    There are many reasons why a graphic card can behave weirdly. Enscape only "uses" the card the rest is hardware and drivers taking over. Do you have a dedicated fan control software for your card? This kind of software tends to be optimized for games and not work well with Enscape. Alternatively something on the card could be broken or stuck. The clicking sound is really suspicious.

    Enscape has little control over the fan speed.

    Hello akaflux ,

    room scale VR is always a bit tricky, it needs to be setup properly to work as a expected. Nevertheless the 2.5 had a bug where the spectator height was about 10cm off from the set value. You can try the latest preview and see if the issue was fixed.

    EGIE I recorded a bug report for this issue.

    The technical reason is, that the hotkey is system global and thus two instances of Enscape can not share the hotkey or weird behavior ensures. We will look into the issue and see how we can improve the situation.

    The 2.6 will allow you to save visual settings with a view. This includes time of day and sky-box rotation.

    You can try out the latest preview. Look for the new "Enscape Views" tool bar icon.


    It will be in the 2.7... Got confused because I am working with debug build. You can try it out in the first preview after the 2.6 release which should come soon.

    Hello jan1 you are looking at the material ID export. Thus the trunk and leaves have obviously a different material. The object export will be available in the version 2.6 or our latest preview version.

    Building such a type of generator should be quite straight forward. If I didn't have a 1001 other things to do, I would maybe even do it in my spare time.

    So far I have found these two IES generators that are quite useful:

    They do almost the same thing, just the first is free and looks bad, the second looks nice and is quite refined. But none can do this specific trick. Maybe you can petition the Real IES developers, they are in the business of building IES generators.

    If we do come round to implement this, it will probably end up as an "IES light" internally anyway. (point / hemi light with mask)

    And yes, Gadget I am a software engineer working on the Enscape renderer...

    Real world materials have very seldom fully saturated albedo. For example if you take this rather bright orange paint, you can see that the albedo alone is quite dull and more muted. If you want realistic results, you need to input plausible materials.


    I think you are underestimating real world color bleed. The basic way to work against it, same as with real world photography is by introducing a white light into the shadow area, that only gets red bounce light.

    I just checked and if I am not mistaken the only CAD that has the 90 deg limitation is SketchUp and that is our extension. The other CADs are limited by their native light model. If you want a really wide angle (180) you can always use a disk / rectangle light.

    I found testing IES profiles in SketchUp and Enscape are a reasonably simple. I create an L shaped floor and wall, place a spot light and load a IES profile.

    Hello renderwiz,

    we would rather fix the issues, than implement a hacky solution like this. To that effect, the next (or one after next; it may not make the cut) we will have some improvements to the sun shadow rendering.

    It is true that the renderer has some assumptions built in, but these are not cast in stone and we try really hard to make a large set of CAD models working. If you have specific use cases that you feel are not working please point them out or chime in existing forum discussions.