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    Has anyone recently had any issues loading people from the asset library, having them come in at different scales/sizes?

    I noticed this when I was placing some people next to or on furniture that they looked off.

    Is there a glitch with the asset families?

    For reference, I am using Revit 2020 and the latest version of Enscape.

    Does anyone know where to find a handy chart that tells you the conversion of the field of view in Enscape as an mm lens?

    The only thing I have found so far is on the Enscape website that 24mm is 67 degrees and 14.5mm is 90 degrees.

    It would be nice to know what different mm lenses are in the degree equivalent (without doing any high-level math).

    Would a 35mm lens be around 50 degrees?:/

    Demian Gutberlet Thank you for the update. It is helpful to have your teams findings. Unfortunately I am not sure how to fix the problem as we have done some work in the model and probably cannot start over without losing work and time.

    I did try converting another project we have that is more complex than this one and it had no issues. So it is very strange that this occurred in only this model.

    If it is possible could you send us more specific information on what geometries they think are broken so I can try and fix it or rebuild the elements. We would love to continue using Enscape with this project and not have to go and use another rendering program.

    Demian Gutberlet

    I have been going through our model and from a process of elimination I think I found the problem. I believe it is one of our link Revit models that is the issue.

    I started by eliminating any design options and accepting the primary ones. No Change.

    Then I thought why not delete the view and recreate it. No change.

    Then I tried selecting one of the missing elements in the Enscape view, in Revit, and Isolate it by category. When I did this the missing elements appear in Enscape.

    So this made me believe that Enscape is reading the elements correctly but something else is causing a issue with showing them in the entire model view.

    That is when I decided to remove any linked files and all of a sudden all the missing elements appeared.

    Now I just have to go through all my linked Revit files and find the problem.

    Thanks for your teams help in the mean time. I can send you my linked Revit files if I hadn't done so before. Let me know if you need them.

    We recently upgrade to Revit 2019 and after updating our Enscape to the latest version, and also making sure we had the latest driver for my graphic card, I tried viewing the project I am working on in Enscape. But several objects do not show in the Enscape view but are visible in the Revit view.

    This happens on another colleagues machine as well. See attached images that illustrate the problem.

    Had no issues in Revit 2018. Any thoughts?