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    Thanks for the info Alexander.

    I've been using Enscape on a PC since it's inception, but joined a new firm that uses MacBook Pro / M1 Max / 64GB machines. I am glad to hear this is being resolved as producing project animations via Enscape has been part of my workflow for some time. To be honest...if I could go back to a PC I would. Between SketchUp Pro and Enscape Mac's been a headache and I've experienced more software instability and crashes than ever...on fully loaded out Apple gear. But again, appreciate the update!

    Thanks Alexander,

    I created the .cfg file as directed and placed it in the same folder as other .cfg files (not the same path on a Mac)...unfortunately this didn't affect the issue and the blue still shows up. I may strip the model geometry and upload just the site terrain and flat site...if you think that would be useful.

    Thanks again!


    Here is a screenshot of the overall site map...textures are native to SketchUp's geolocation import (high res Bing tiles). In the past I've utilized Nearmap for larger sites like this. What I don't know is whether this is a Mac version bug or not. I'm also not quite sure how to enable / disable async with the Mac version of Enscape.

    Thanks Alexander...I realize I'm a month behind on replying. Unfortunately, I'm unable to share the design model here...but I was curious of what the solution might be for Enscape for Mac users. I'm a longtime SketchUp + Enscape user, but on the PC side. Since migrating over to an M1 Max MBP...I have experienced too many crashes to count.

    One thing to note is that the blue anomaly disappears depending on different views / scenes...but it is evident in these high aerial scenarios where I'd like to illustrate the development in it's entirety. It also disappears when I'm in a top-down orthographic view.

    I'm not sure the workaround...but I've done a large scale (4 mile diameter) site model a couple of years back and have never experienced this.

    Thanks for the assistance!

    I'm currently experiencing what I will call a "blue anomaly" that displays on aerial terrain map tiles imported from SketchUp (which pulls the tiles from Bing). These blue patches are displaying on wide shots in Enscape only...they look normal in SketchUp. They also appear / disappear when moving / panning / zooming around the model...but are always evident when outputting still shots. The first image is a screenshot of the viewer...the second one is rendered in ultra mode.

    I'm running Macbook Pro / Apple M1 Max / 64 GB / Ventura 13.2.1

    Any help here is greatly appreciated.