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    I agree that the new look of the clouds is unnatural, or at least they now don’t look like the clouds above the arctic circle where I live. The architects in my firm now tells me to remove the clouds but I usually feel that I need some so that the sky doesn’t look empty.

    Please make it possible to be able to choose between the old and new clouds style?


    Enscape version

    Build number 2.4.18297.1451

    My eye elevation for this perspective is 220 meters up in the air and you see the water kilometers away so I think this looks fine. If I can come with a request to water rendering it is that it would be nice to be able to render waves with some white foam on the tops :)


    No, that is a standard Revit ocean water.

    From large distance, the Enscape water renders with repeating pattern but I still
    think it looks much better than how Revit renders the water. As you said, I believe
    that repeating pattern is one of the challenges for an architecture rendering software :S

    Not a perfect texture match of all the six images but overall mush better I think. It was a pain! and I won’t get payed for the time spent on this...X/

    Enscape team, please extend the texture size limit!:huh::S




    Thank you for the link Micha! (And sorry that I did not use the search function in this forum)..

    The terrain image of the island alone is 2364x5461 pixels and I have cut this image in six parts (1182x1820 pixels) to stay below the Enscape size limit of 2048x2048 pixels. Does someone know how I can split the terrain exactly on the right places and right sizes so that it matches my six new texture images?

    The terrain model is much larger than what shows in my picture and the image texture of the entire model is 15.685 x 19.789 pixels.


    My photo textures in Enscape renders blurry, but they look fine in Revit. Is it a setting in Enscape that can fix this?



    I have tried a lot of different settings in Enscape and I can get more contrast in the terrain texture but I can’t get the fine details that you can see in the Revit terrain texture.

    I can’t use the Revit render because the water looks horrible! and I do not want the Enscape render with low texture detail…:/

    Thanks’ :)