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    This is a bad hack and doesn't work well. It would be great If the interface overlay image scaled with the proportion of the preview render window. The grid you supplied has a very specific Aspect ratio that requires one to adjust their preview window according to the size of the grid. A grid is a very common feature on all camera and this should be in the "Camera" section on the Visual Settings.

    Well, in the Enscape's Video Editor you can see the camera grid. Maybe they could implement it in the 2d preview as well.

    Zenoardelean , a feedback report would indeed be great - if possible, you can also share some screenshots or a video of this behavior. You don't experience this behavior in the release at all, correct?

    Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and needed to render for a client, so I just re-installed the official version. The odds of the screenshots being featured in a contemporary art museum would have been remarkably high.

    I did not experience that behavior in other releases. That type of behavior was totally unknown to me. The first versions of Enscape for Archicad had a somewhat similar effect, but with black blotches instead of deep dreams.

    The material editor looks very promising. But beside the crashes in the preview version, there is this strange reoccurring bug: black holes, psychedelic grids and ghost building in the sky suddenly take control and multiply as you move through space. It has a really nice feeling to it, but it's not quite accurate.

    I am having a small notice but it seems to be a big or inconvenient issue.

    When I change or adjust material color or texture serveral times, Enscape seems to not sync the latest adjustment until I press start button again (while enscape is opening). This is really annoying me because, for such a big project, everytime I start enscape or press start button again then I have to wait more than 5'.

    It seems that Enscape is not updating slowly with Archicad or something else.

    Do you guys have this issue?

    When this happens, I just move the objects that don't want to update. Drag them in 3d, undo, enjoy.

    Hi there.

    You can use IES lighting in Archicad. You can also change the light cone by yourself. Frow what I've seen, you have to increase the intensity to at least 130 to get some good lighting, even if you tweak the intensity inside the Enscape menu.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback Gadget , Zenoardelean , you can download some of the mentioned grids to be used as an overlay here.

    I've also attached a basic grid for you to test with this reply. :) If this is already sufficient to you, without requiring this as a dedicated feature let me know! Otherwise I'll leave the feature request filed.

    So cool! I didn't know about it! Thanks!

    It would be nice to have a camera grid in order to better use proportions in the final render. The same thing we have in Enscape's video editor.

    Thanks for the tips. The workflow seems easy. The only thing you cannot do is set an HDRI in Enscape using this approach. Am I right?

    Good point, Tikos. I think it's doable, but

    1. my Enscape does not let me rename the views. So I get lost in all the views.

    2. Enscape uses the same set of settings for all the projects. So even if I can somehow get over the renaming bug, I have to navigate through lots and lots of saved settings entries.

    One workaround is using the keyframes of the Enscape's video as still images. This means every project has a saved Enscape camera path. And I get rid of the clutter. Still, it does not help with the 2 point perspective issue.