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    Not working and will not work unless Apple has proper ray tracing hardware:
    * Ray traced sun shadows

    * Colored sun shadows

    * Better reflections compared to non-raytracing version

    * Better global illumination compared to non-raytracing version

    I love seeing this kind of transparency! Thank you for putting this together Alexander Devaykin ?

    With yesterday's new release of the Apple M3 Silicon series including hardware-accelerated ray tracing and mesh shading, I'm curious to know if Enscape Developers will be able to take advantage of the new tech for Enscape for Mac.

    Phil Read

    I'll keep it shorter for you this time. Please do not continue to insert your unsolicited personal opinion on this thread, it was not requested and is not welcome.

    Again, I created this thread for the sole purpose of signing the petition above. PERIOD. Please respect that.

    Please stop asking me to do the work of Enscape. I am an end user, not a business partner of Enscape.

    Troll: a person who intentionally antagonizes others online by posting inflammatory or irrelevant comments or other disruptive content. I would appreciate it if you would stop being disruptive to the intended purpose of this thread.

    Paul Russam,

    Firstly, let's understand the primary intent of this thread: It's a Petition. It was created to garner support from individuals who identify with the issues outlined. If you or Phil Read don't see eye to eye with the content, there's no obligation to sign. But, it's important to remember that disapproval can be expressed without muddying the waters as he did.

    In responding to Phil, I was clearly put off by his tone. Perhaps I could have risen a little higher in my response, but here we are. Looking back I could have been a little more assertive than abrasive by not reflecting his tone back to him. My intent was not to be passive-aggressive back, but rather to communicate directly so I appreciate the reflection. That said, I don't appreciate how you implied English might not be my first language, it feels misplaced and unnecessary. For the record, it is, and making such assumptions can inadvertently perpetuate stereotypes that don't contribute constructively to the discussion.

    I understand that my passionate and forthright approach might come off as "abrasive" to some at times. However we all have unique communication styles, and while I strive to be clear and straightforward, I also recognize the importance of maintaining a respectful tone. I'm quite upset with how Enscape has handled this discrepancy in platform parity and the cost increase, so this is a charged subject for me as I am directly affected as a Mac user.

    To be clear, I'm not here seeking validation or to build personal relationships. My main concern is the discrepancy in platform parity and the cost increase by Enscape, and I believe many here share that concern.

    Lastly, I respect your right to voice your opinions on this forum. However, I'd appreciate it if we could focus on the main issue at hand and not make this about personal perceptions of how I'm perceived.

    Phil Read ,

    It feels like your reply is unhelpful, sarcastic, and manipulative, but perhaps I'm misinterpreting your tone so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and go ahead and reflect on your thoughts anyway:

    • Cost Per Day: The cost, when broken down per day, may seem trivial to you, but that difference may have a much larger effect on someone with fewer resources. However, it's the principle behind the matter. I'm asking for a fair price for a product's value. If two versions of the same product offer different functionalities, it's very reasonable to question a uniform price hike. Would you expect to pay the same price for an iPhone SE and an iPhone Pro?
    • Comparative Purchase: Even without the PC version, it would still be fair to assess the Mac version's value on its own merits, and currently, those merits are lacking compared to the known and very real PC counterpart. Therefore, this feels like a pointless argument.
    • Pricing Proposition: The idea isn't to determine an exact discounted rate on this platform, but rather to draw attention to the perceived value discrepancy so Enscape could address the issue, which they haven't.
    • Compensation or Market Removal: These are quite extreme suggestions! I'm not asking for compensation or for the product to be removed. I'm advocating for a fair pricing model. Yet somehow you seem to be missing that.
    • Investing in a PC: The beauty of software is its versatility across platforms. The tech world is no stranger to professionals who prefer working on Macs, and asking them to switch tools isn't a solution. And yes, prior to the release of Enscape for Mac I did build and purchase a PC specifically so I could use Enscape, but not everyone is comfortable with or capable of this, whether that be financially or technically.
    • Complexities of Software Development: Absolutely agreed! No one is arguing that they aren't working hard. I acknowledged this in my original post. My request isn't to hasten the development but to adjust the pricing strategy in the interim.

    As for a specific, actionable solution, perhaps a tiered pricing system or a temporary discount for Mac users until feature parity is reached might be a start. Or, they simply could have left the Mac license at the lower price and we would have avoided this altogether. That said, it's not my responsibility as an end user to "propose a specific, actionable, and arguably better business solution" on how Enscape decides to address a pricing discrepancy. I'm simply making them aware of the issue.

    I'll invite you to have the "courage" not to troll my perspective and feelings (or those who've signed the Petition above) in your future messages and I welcome any helpful and sincere insights you may have going forward. But if you don't have anything supportive to add, I would request you keep your comments to yourself. Personally, I think taking the time and energy to draft and post a petition in the first place is pretty courageous! A lot of people would just sit by and be frustrated without saying anything. As you can see, although this Mac-focused forum isn't very populated, there are still other users who share and support my perspective.

    Lastly, I'm curious, do you exclusively use Enscape for Mac? Based on your posts, it would appear that you're a PC user. If not a Mac user, how can you realistically empathize with Mac users? Or were you simply intentionally being inflammatory for the sake of it?


    This is the ONLY place I have seen ANY information about the lack of parity between the two platforms. Hidden at the very bottom of your FAQ page which has to be expanded. And it is vague at best. This is not Transparency! "Some differences"? There is a WORLD of differences!

    "While our latest Escape version for Mac currently has some differences compared to the Windows version, our developers are actively working to bridge these gaps. We are on track to achieve feature parity sometime in the first half of 2024."

    This is the ONLY place I have seen ANY information about the lack of parity between the two platforms. Hidden at the very bottom of your FAQ page which has to be expanded. And it is vague at best. This is not Transparency! "Some differences"? There is a WORLD of differences!

    "While our latest Escape version for Mac currently has some differences compared to the Windows version, our developers are actively working to bridge these gaps. We are on track to achieve feature parity sometime in the first half of 2024."

    Kaj Burival, I fully understand that software development is a constantly moving target—I have been on multiple teams and helped develop multiple software products so I have empathy for the development process. My issue is with the lack of transparency from Enscape combined with the willingness to charge its non-parity Mac users the full cost of the PC version while also misleading its users. Heck, take all the time you want to bring the Mac platform up to speed, but don't charge your users for it until the two programs are on par, and don't give us false dates and expectations that keep leading us on. And please don't turn around and blame that on your users. All of your Mac users are currently paying for the development of Mac—so be honest with them, inform, enlist, and educate them, or don't be surprised when they turn on you.

    Hey Rob L , thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Forums!
    To answer your question as briefly and commital as possible: The Enscape Material Library will not be included in this current release for SketchUp on Mac, but for example we've added the missing light objects compared to the Windows version.

    We are aiming for feature parity between the Mac and Windows versions over the course of the first half of next year, releasing features incrementally until then. I hope this makes sense and helps you making the necessary decisions. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Wait, what!? I thought that this next major release (which was originally due at the end of August, then pushed to the end of September, and which has now been delayed a couple more weeks) would be a parity release??? Now you're saying it will take another year to reach PC/Mac parity!? WHY ISN'T THERE ANY TRANSPARENCY FROM ENSCAPE!?

    Alexander Devaykin  Demian Gutberlet what is the real story here?

    Please have a look at this post: Enscape for Mac NOT working with SketchUp (Service Pack) 2023.1

    Sketchup has moved to a different UI framework with 2023.1 release which has conflicted with ours. Our next release soon will fix this issue.

    Well, that's a bummer, I'm sure it's frustrating for y'all as well. Back to SU 2022! Is there an email list I can join to get these kinds of crucial updates in real-time once Enscape is made aware of issues?

    Hello Ryan,

    If you are talking about video export: the UI part of the video editor was not in place yet when Mac version was released. It will be included in the next Enscape for Mac release version with the full* feature parity for Windows and Mac versions.

    If you are talking about exe exports, things are a bit more involved. On Windows we also have issues with unsigned binary exports when Windows complains and requires additional clicks to allow execution. MacOS is much more strict in this and will not allow execution of such a standalone at all unless user goes into system settings and explicitly adds it to exceptions. We evaluate different approaches how to workaround this problem and there is no final decision yet.

    I'm curious why there's an asterisk after full* feature parity. Is there something that's not going to be on par?

    Yes, I understand why you moved it. But what I don’t understand is why you keep telling us there will be platform parity (with no estimated date) and yet there isn’t and hasn’t been for a long time and Enscape still charges Mac users the same price as PC (now more with the price increase) even though there isn’t platform parity. You are stealing from your Mac users! I’m happy to pay equal price for Mac WHEN it has the same features and therefore VALUE as PC. I fully understand that PC/Mac are completely different systems yet based on Enscape pricing you don’t seem to understand that.