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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    Since Enscape is not doing anything about fixing the issue where Enscape for Mac crashes SketchUp constantly, I figured I'll just keep a public log of all my crashes here for the public to view.

    YES ENSCAPE YOU HAVE MY LOG FILES AND YOU HAVE NOT ADDRESSED THIS ISSUE, it's been months with no reply. Stop "looking into it" and start fixing it!

    Enscape for Mac crashes SketchUp (Enscape stays open and operable)

    Date: Friday 02-10-2023

    Crash Times:

    3 pm MST - Enscape for Mac crashes SketchUp (Enscape stays open and operable)

    4:32 pm MST

    I can't count how many times Enscape for Mac has not launched from SketchUp. It forces me to restart SketchUp to get it to work and even then it's not a guarantee it will launch. I've had to restart my computer multiple times to get it to simply launch. This is a huge bug! Also, when SketchUp crashes because of Enscape, which is still 5-10x a day for me ?, the link between SketchUp and Enscape breaks, leaving me to shut down everything and start over again, vs just relaunching SketchUp.

    Phil Read

    Yes, the SU surfaces are double-sided faces and both are transparent. The inside/back face is not the solid default material, I took care to paint both front/back faces transparent. It SHOULD translate into Enscape but it doesn't. Yes, I understand calculating transparency between two double-walled surfaces will be more computationally expensive, but it should still work. The issue seems to be that Enscape can't properly render double-walled faces as transparent when overlapped as I've shown above.

    Can someone help explain why this is happening and not rendering correctly? I'd like a solution, not a workaround—I have one of those. I ask this way because Enscape for Mac seems to be more about coming up with workarounds rather than the product actually working. :/

    Why aren't I seeing the big underlapping transparent orange wall behind the big overlapping transparent blue wall? Circled in red. Both of these walls are polycarbonate structures. Why does it work with the two single-wall transparent overlapping surfaces (in the upper right) but not with the transparent double-wall polycarbonate surfaces? My workaround is to make the polycarbonate with only single surfaces front/back, but that's not accurate. You can see it works in the far upper right corner example where they're single wall construction.

    Thanks in advance!

    For resetting the sun in Enscape for Mac the help menu instructs hitting the "Home" key. There's no such key on mac. Please update. Workaround is to hit Fn key + left arrow

    Demian Gutberlet @matt.menendez This is an issue in the way grass for Enscape for Mac behaves as well, and we don't have half the control over grass that the PC does. There's no accuracy even when the settings are tweaked. This "normal" behavior behaves abnormally. Can you guys please fix this, it's incredibly frustrating. The "carpet" isn't any better and completely disrupts the texture. It seems Enscape really pushes the "workarounds" because it doesn't work as expected in the first place.

    Thanks for your answer but how can you sell a license with one of the major part of the software missing!!!

    It's the same price on Mac and PC but with just a part of it.

    if I remember the material library was working in the Beta test....

    I couldn't agree more jpcordina Mac users are getting the short end of the stick paying full price for a lesser product. There's also no video features! Demian Gutberlet why are Mac users paying full price for this incomplete software?

    Experiencing the exact same problem here. But on Enscape for Mac. It's happened about 20x since installing. Only fix is to exit Enscape and restart. Clearly this has been an ongoing issue for a long time. Is there still no fix?

    Yes, it's an obscene amount and insanely frustrating. I have just sent ALL my Enscape crash logs to the Enscape Support email you provided. When I uninstall Enscape SketchUp no longer crashes.

    I am not running any cloud storage, and I have sent my SketchUp BugSplats to your team. Enscape is not crashing so I don't have any log files to give you. Enscape is causing SketchUp to crash. PLEASE FIX THIS, THIS IS INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING!!!!!! I'm crashing 30x a day! Feel free to call me if you'd like my help resolving this more, this is not a professional-grade software release and you shouldn't be charging people the full price for it.

    You are not alone here! I've had Sketchup crash left and right since installing Escape for Mac, often 10-30 times a day. After sending SketchUp all my Bugsplat info they've told me Enscape is at the root of all my crashes since installing. Enscape, please contact me so I can share the crash reports from SketchUp.

    I am sorry to hear about your frustration and can also understand it if you were running into crashes. When it comes to that and/or bugs themselves please simply make sure to forward them to our support team through the Feedback Button (including your logs if it's for a crash) though so that we can assist you further with those problems.

    On the main Mac page we also clearly list the functionalities which are included and those that are still going to be added in the near future. At the bottom, you can also sign up for our newsletter if you want to keep updated directly on what's newly added. Be aware that you can also use the same license for Enscape for Windows of course, just so you know this option exists.

    Thank you in advance for any reports through said button which will allow us to either resolve your problem(s) right away, or forward them to our developers for further troubleshooting.

    Yeah, it's not even remotely ready for prime time! Let alone charging people for it! It's crashed on me 5 times today and now is refusing to even open.

    None of this addresses how you're charging people for a program that should still be in Beta.

    Using this on Windows is not a great workaround for a Mac owner. I have no desire to install Bootcamp and run this on Windows.

    I wish I had known I was purchasing a shell of a program for $$$! Enscape for Mac is missing a lot of features, it crashes all the time, is FULL of bugs and glitches and should still be in Beta testing. I don't know how you manage to feel it's ok to charge for this!

    Another vote for the ability to change the transparency of linked components. This would be greatly helpful with people, but wouldn't want to see "inside" the people if they're 3D, just the ability to make them transparent in 2D for an exported render. Or better yet, is there an ability to export a 2D render with layers? Then we could simply adjust the transparencies in photoshop.