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    While working in Enscape (Revit 2020) on an Axo Plan render, I noticed that you are unable to create a new view from the Enscape panel.

    In looking at this issue with both my BIM Manager and our IT team, we couldn't find a solution. I'm now reaching out to this forum to see if anyone has a solution for this.

    Below are the specific render preset I'm attempting to work with. I've tried creating a new view prior to and after the application of this preset, and nothing seems to be working.

    - Mode: Perspective

    - Cropped Floor Plan AXO view

    - Ultra HD (3840x2160) or highest quality the program can offer

    - Exposure: 75%

    - Saturation: 150%

    - Outline: 20%

    - Time of Day/Direction of Shadow: July 7 at 10:45 AM

    - Field of View: 25 Degrees

    - Vertical Lines: set perfectly vertical

    - Color Temperature: Standard - 6600 K

    - Shadows: Soft (instead of sharp)