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    Is there any way to save/export camera path from Enscape as fbx. We use Enscape with Rhino. And we need to export fbx file for After Effects to add some animated objects in it. And fbx file would be the best way to track Enscape camera path in After Effects.

    Hi there,

    we are bunch of people working on the same project in Rhino on different computers. Sometimes I need to change my work place and continue my work on another computer. Or someone need to continue my work from his computer if I'm not there. If I need to render in Enscape I don't have my scene settings anymore. The settings of the scene always saved locally in Documents. Sure I can copy them from my computer to another one, but unfortunatelly this won't optimize our fast workflow.

    Therefore we have a very big and kind wish for future to make possible saving settings inside Enscape, to be able to open them on other computer.

    Thank you!