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    There seems to a number of items removed from the library picker in recent versions. I was looking for a specific plant ("Thuja" small upright evergreen thuja occidentalis) that I KNOW I've used before but couldn't find it anywhere in the library. I then went back to an older model and found it, copied it in a it loads and renders fine. Is there a reason some perfectly usable items are no longer in the current Enscape asset library?

    I politely raised the "second to last keyframe" problem politely in the bug report channel, but here in general discussion I feel compelled put Enscape on blast.


    It worked OK before - so we know it's possible to not have the overall duration shift every time the second to last keyframe is edited. PLEASE JUST FIX IT!! Also - I was just reading another thread about how the ability to have the time move backwards was taken away instead of adding a toggle to continue to allow the functionality. STOP MAKING THINGS WORSE WITH THE VIDEO EDITOR!!

    (Yes, I can edit the video xml file in a text editor and get the proper end keyframe timings, but that's a workaround.)

    This release #13 has been crashing for me quite often, during export right around when it gets to 99% on the progress bar. Earlier previews do not have any problems with exactly the same files. I'll try sending feedback from Sketchup next time I have a chance to test it.

    I know the card are much better of course however my question is how much better it is in Enscape? How much of a performance gain do I get?

    I was recently looking at graphics cards as finally there's availability and not huge markups (thank you crypto collapse!) and I was wondering the same thing. It doesn't seem like there's any significant upside to going to a 40 series from a 30 series RTX card. Real time navigation works the same with both cards, and the few seconds one might save on a still render is not noticeable when batch rendering. Only major advantage I can see is a larger GPU memory. For me it made a huge difference going from 8GB to 12 GB GPU RAM. I think it will only be when memory gets to be an issue that I will find a need to upgrade again. For day to day performance, I just don't see the need to upgrade. If you want faster loading, get a super fast SSD drive.

    So far render speeds are much improved. Still seem to be slightly slower than 3.4, but well under a minute thankfully. I am seeing crashes on closing out of Enscape and then Sketchup like what was happening a few versions back. (Action: close active Enscape window then exit SU. When I close Sketchup it crashes out instead of exiting the program. Any model changes get lost to the previous save instead of asking if I want to save unsaved changes.) I'll see if I can capture this in a bug report, but not sure if I can.

    I agree with you that V-Ray lighting is very high quality, but also much more time & processing power-consuming than real time rendering. I do miss having lumens as an input value and I would also like to see more refined options for light power control.

    Mesh lighting is very expensive in terms of render processing and is not likely to be included in real-time rendering as a light source. (see this topic for example Is this a lighting bug? How to solve it? Many versions have this problem.)

    In the meantime, the self-illuminated material is a good option to recreate the effect in Enscape (albeit in conjunction with adding a point source to provide light output)

    Alas, render times are still significantly slower, like in preview 9. (Also I get a crash on certain scenes at high resolution. report sent) Hope you all make some progress on the speed because the quality improvements are outstanding and I'm excited about this direction.


    I recall this has been asked already on this forum (a way to disallow the geometry of a light fixture to cast shadows.) I recall being able to do this in Lightscape back in the day, and many other modern programs have this ability. There are a number of things related to lighting visibility (like what to do with reflections) that could use a few more controls in Enscape and this ability would be a top priority for me as well.

    Pretty close! 2 points I would add. Just use an existing horizon from the folder as a template to add your horizon into. That way the proportions will be correct and you can use the existing horizon for scale reference. The other point is that you want to leave the sky transparent so the enscape sky fills in behind it in the enscape view.

    I'm encountering crashes in files that run perfectly fine in the latest 3.4. It's behaving like out of memory errors where Enscape stops working, but I'm using only around half of my GPU memory. I saw there are issues reported up the thread about referenced files, is that something that's been recorded and getting fixed for the next preview release? I've been very happy with the lighting improvements and looking forward to the kinks getting worked out for the 3.5 release.