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    Kind of niche - but I was working on a radiology clinic and the client asked if there were nurses and doctors without stethoscopes. I found only one female doctor without one. While this is a particular request - it's also something related to the larger issue of some of the models being too specific. For example, indoor plants with a specific style and color of pot. It would be helpful to have items that are not so "complete" and specific. That way I could add things, rather than the current case where I have no way to remove something. This is tangentially related to the request for changing colors in the assets, but this relates to geometry, not color.

    This brings up another point. If the assets that were placed and rendered at one point in time get changed by you all, that breaks my ability to render consistent images. In this example above - I made some changes to the background site model, but everything else was supposed to stay the same. Now my renders don't look the same because of the de-saturated trees. (I tweaked the lighting a bit - but if I had used the same settings as before - the trees would be the only difference besides the minor model changes.)

    My stop-gap request:

    Would there be a way to time-stamp the placement of the assets so that the right version of them gets loaded when Enscape calls them up from your server? (As a work-around until such a time when we can customize asset colors.)

    But I did want to ask a technical question - were the assets adjusted recently? (So it wouldn't make a difference to go back to an earlier version of Enscape, the trees would render less saturated regardless?)

    Oh, I'm not saying I want the oversaturated green back necessarily, I just feel it went too far the other way. Of course - like you mention - having control over the color adjustment would be optimal. Hope that's high up on the development agenda ;)

    Did something change between Enscape 2.7 and 2.8, or did the library assets get adjusted? Sure would be nice to have control over asset colors...

    (image with the more saturated trees is rendered in April with 2.7, image with washed out green is rendered today. Some lighting adjustments are a little bit different, but not enough to cause such a significant saturation difference.)

    Hey devs. I recently installed 2.8 preview 4, and this is still an issue. Geolocation gets set to the Southern Hemisphere for no apparent reason. It seems to be related to loading visual settings. If I get a clear example of it again I'll post a model sample.

    When you add a 2pt view using the Enscape camera, it makes a regular 3pt Sketchup scene. That's the scene you can save with the camera produced by Advanced Camera Tools. I didn't know about Eneroth's plugin, but I would guess it uses the same underlying function. When you add that camera object to a new file, as long as you are not linking SU scenes with the Escape view, and enable the Enscape 2pt camera, you should end up with the same view. I don't have time at the moment to double check all the steps, but hopefully this explains better what I mean.

    The Sketchup white colors are brighter than real-life colors. Usually anything above 90% white will start washing out/look like an emmitter. It's the right move to darken the color, but it's the Sketchup white that's the "trick," not the more gray color.

    As someone in a very bike friendly city, I'd love to see more people on bike content. Throw some recreational bikers in, some commuting bikers. Right now we've got the 2 dudes on Bikes and the lady in the dress walking her bike for our choices. We need a lot more to populate an urban exterior rendering

    +1 Please! A current project I'm working on is next to an urban bike trail. I ran into the same issue trying to populate the route that's in the foreground of my building.

    One of my suggestions is to create some kind of NAMING algorithm so I'm not stuck renaming everything after batch render.

    A simple USER ENTERED PREFIX or SUFFIX system + the SAVED VIEW NAME would be great...

    +1 I'd like more flexibility & options in naming too.

    I am experience system instability with Enscape, and an Intel X99 board with a GTX 1070 graphics card. (I recently had to rebuild my computer for other reasons, and this particular motherboard may have some issues, so I can't say it's definitely an Enscape issue.) The issue occurs when I am trying to pan and adjust the Enscape view in a moderately complex interior model - the computer will suddenly crash and completely shut down. I had been working in 2.7, and tried loading the 2.8 preview 4 version, but I experienced the same trouble. As long as I am not panning in the Enscape viewport, I haven't had this happen otherwise. I'll try to do some testing on my system, but wanted to raise this issue in case others have seen any similar issues.

    One thing that seems to work fairly well is to increase the clouds density so the sky lighting is more diffuse. The main issue is then the sky is cloudy in the background. Here's a request for developers - can you have a sky that's cloudy in only one region of the sky (so you can have clouds behind you, but see blue sky in front of you.)