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    rendering times seem to have increased significantly (from the last preview and even more so from the last stable versions,) both single screenshot and batch rendering.

    colored sketchy options look good. Only issue I'm seeing is that vegetation is coming in very saturated. (I'd like to reduce just green saturation - as reducing overall saturation makes the blue of the sky disappear as well. Since these are placed Enscape assets, I don't have control over the hue and saturation of the individual plant materials.)

    Whatever happened with that survey you all had a while ago asking what people wanted with the "Visual Settings" management? It's still frustrating that changes to visual settings are automatically saved without any method for reverting. Since it doesn't seem like this workflow is likely to change, I would really appreciate being able to change exposure per scene (where a change to exposure doesn't mess up exposure in other scenes.) There's rarely a project where I want the exact same visual settings in all me scenes, and it's usually exposure that's different. Kind of like "sun settings" have been added, there really should be a way to save exposure without changing it for all the other views.

    Looks like enabling "jitter" in the sketchy line settings still zooms in so the line render doesn't match the regular color render.

    Ha! First thing I was reminded of when I saw the live view of the sketchy look was this

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    I know it's early in the development, but I have been asking myself "why?" Who asked for sketchy lines, and why isn't enscape developing, say a better video editor? Maybe it's a need for Rhino and Revit, I don't know, but it seems like the latest Enscape versions don't even work on those platforms half the time. Just frustrating to see development go in such seemingly random directions when there are basic issues languishing for years.

    Of course! Although, depending on the client and the state of the project, one might need to show their clients a simpler version, akin to an architectural drawing so that they can focus on the stuff that matter at the time. It might prove to be a "waste of time" to setup materials and lights from the very start where the structure tends to change a lot.

    At that point I just use Sketchup sketchy lines (which at the moment work better anyway) It's the rendering that differentiates Enscape, not linework.

    I see your point! Most of our inspiration for Artistic Modes is based on architectural drawing techniques that are taught at universities with some twists to make them a bit more playful. I logged your feedback for internal discussion but I can't promise anything as we strive to have the minimum amount of settings possible to not overburden the GUI.

    Black and white pencil/ ink artwork is great in architectural studios where everyone can read those drawings, but they don't go far with people who are paying for renderings that show them what line drawings can't. Color/ texture/ shadows are a huge part of that. Sketchy lines alone are not enough for my clients.

    I thought I had down something wrong to be honest. It’s like there is some minor field of view difference or distortion. I presume the jitter randomises the lines to a degree - maybe it’s there is more of it in the periphery?

    Take a look what happens in the live view when you slide the jitter value from zero to any value. You can see the outline jump to a slightly zoomed in aspect that doesn't correspond to the underlying geometry.

    oof! The jitter effect displaces the linework off of the image, making post-production overlay work a bit of a mess. Examples below of the same render (softened with a watercolor effect) with pen-style overlay. The one where the outlines line up is without jitter, the one where it's off is jitter at just 10%

    Well this looks interesting. I'll do some testing, but will the pen/pencil lines be pickup from textures or is it only grabbing outlines - basically by setting it to White mode and blasting the outlines to 100% with some artistic flair?

    This one area where maybe using an AO map for materials would be useful. The sketch style could grab the AO map for things like paving, shingles, siding, etc and add a level of detail I see missing from the above examples. Creatively, I'm looking forward to seeing what some users now do with some post-production blending techniques. I have previously tried blending native SketchUp sketchy style with Enscape render output and it'd difficult to get views to match in order to blend.

    nope, doesn't pick up materials at all. I was assuming one would need post production blending to use material information. I totally agree it would be a huge benefit to be able to use texture overlays *in Enscape* (whether AO or some other modes like grayscale textures maybe?)

    very cool! Some quick testing and I have few observations about the sketch modes.

    1. If you're calling it pen and pencil, why is the palette selection "black" vs. "grayscale"? Will you name it "pen/pencil" in future versions?
    2. I find the areas where there is dense geometry, the weight of the line strokes is too heavy compared to the rest of the image. Is there a way to limit the overlap of lines so you don't get heavy spots in the images (that darker tree in the upper left quadrant in the 3rd example for instance.) In the example below, the seagrape clusters in the background bushes really stand out.
    3. In terms of weights, I feel the outlines are a little bit too heavy especially, again, where there is more fine geometry like the palm branches.
    4. Even with the "thin" lines, the lineweights seem too heavy in lower resolution outputs (looks a lot chunkier at regular HD than ultra HD resolution.) I wonder if there's a way to improve the sketchiness at lower resolutions.

    Maybe I'm jaded by observing many years of software development, but perhaps the question is "half-baked" for whom? I think Enscape is just fine for the majority of their target market and will likely never satisfy the rendering power-users. I've tried a number of other software packages over the years (including D5, though not recently) and it always comes back to a calculated balance of render speed/cost/user effort/output. I'd love to use V-Ray again, but cost and render time just can't match Enscape. Maybe I'll try D5 again and see if effort/output are improved since the last time I used it, as they are currently better on cost, equal on speed, and by the discussion here may potentially be better on output.

    I know it can be useful to complain here, the developers should be aware of problems with the software. I disagree with the "half-baked" insult though. As Paul points out, most of us have figured out a functional and efficient workflow with Enscape, and the developers seem reasonably responsive to issues that significantly effect usage. Whether Enscape has all the bells and whistles that some newer software heavily promotes doesn't detract from the work most of us are able to accomplish with Enscape.