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    Hello all,

    We are experiencing extremely long Enscape load times during the texture loading phase. This isn't a huge surprise as there is no formal texture pipeline here and the images are everything under the sun. I am working on guidelines for using textures in SketchUp and Revit materials for Enscape performance improvements, this would mostly apply to graphics which are being imported for signage in the final rendering...

    It's not uncommon for our renderings to have several thousand textures, so that is also undoubtedly a factor - moving these files from the network to a local SSD drive helps a little - but isn't really that practical...

    I am curious to know any performance tips anyone would like to offer, but specifically I would like to know what benefit I can expect to see from:

    • Implementing powers-of-two image sizing
    • Rudimentary image atlas-ing to the extent that SketchUp and Revit would support it.
    • Implementing a maximum image size 2k or 4k etc.

    I also need a decent strategy for very large real world graphics, e.g. a 40' banner that should be just a small file becomes quite large at real world sizes.

    • Can I make these graphics some factor of the real world size and expect them render perfectly sharp?
    • What's that look like in practice?