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    Thank you for your reply.

    Hiding walls or ceilings is not the problem. My task is to have transparent (see through) ceilings or Walls which still blocks the sunlight (or lights from other sources) and cast shadows.

    See shadows of the window and door on the back wall cast by the "hidden" facade wall.

    So it would be great to define a material which is transparent but NOT translucent and still diffuse reflects light (according to the color and other properties).

    This is a followup to a "somehow" solved question at the autodesk revit forum:

    I'm look for a way to visualize interiors where you can see through certain walls or ceilings (mostly outside walls) but (sun-) light is blocked and bounce back. If I cut the model with a section or scope box the room is lit as if all sunlight comes from the cut areas (which is not realistic).

    I tried to create a 100% transparent but 0% translucent material but this does not work as expected (I only want to see the light coming through the windows and glass door and in the rendering the light bouncing from the "invisible" outside wall.

    Overriding the transparency by view of the wall does the trick only in realistic view:

    This is ignored in enscape. So how to do the same effect in enscape?

    Any help appreciated.