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    What I would like from the Enscape trees is as follows:

    -Place asset object in archicad - archicad object is a simple tree object a ball on a stick like a lollipop - keeps the archicad model running fast

    - Archicad object needs to have capability to add tree specification data to be useful as a BIM object

    -Archicad object has a simple plan 2d view, a circle with a dot in the middle - this is typically how we identify proposed trees on a plan

    - option for a second tree symbol to denote existing trees

    - The rendered tree shows up in Enscape render view / vr etc

    - It would be useful if the tree object could have 4 seasonal variations

    We are about to start work on an ArchiCAD tree object which does everything we need it to form a BIM perspective and ideally we would like to be able to link that to the Enscape render trees, we'd be happy to work with you on this.