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    Hi there

    This is sort of a crucial feature, when someone is working from home they often create enscape materials, but when they arrive in the office the image textures are gone, even with search paths being defined in rhino and so on, this issue is only with the Enscape Material Editor, the rhino materials find the image textures and if Rhino doesn't find the image textures if gives off an error and asks for a new location:

    The Enscape Material Editor on the other hand completely screws us over and we need to redo the entire material, including any adjustments we made to the brightness or amounts relating to these images.

    A bit of development for rhino users: Here's a script from Willem Derks from this thread. I added some adjustments so that it creates a enscape capable material including roughness map in the environment slot. NOTE: This script requires that each material is placed in it's own folder, I'll be doing some adjustments in the future so that it can find a map based on the file name instead.

    Could you please give more details on how you see normal map sensitivity adjustment to be done? Normal maps contain normalized values which fully describe normals of the material. Scaling normals down will bring nothing - renormalization will reconstruct the original normals.

    As a amplitude slider, more or less bumpiness. Just like with a bump map. This is entirely a artistic slider, whether or not this is "correct" I don't know.

    Thanks, I can file this as a feature request. Could you also let me know about the specific use case for this in your scenario, so that I can also add it as further feedback? :)

    Sure, it's mostly related to improving the speed at which we can add new materials into a file. If there was a "+" within the Material Editor:

    Or just a command for this, if the importer could then import all the image textures related to the material into the appropriate slots, it would make it quite a bit faster to load in new materials. Something as impressive as the Poliigon importer would be nice, but the main functionality, for me at least, would be to be able to select just the diffuse channel image and then automatically import all other maps.

    A demo of the Poliigon one is here.

    Hi there

    I just wanted to log a few complaints,

    1. View Synchronization is a bit of a pain to use as it's dependent on the viewport size in rhino, this makes it a difficult to match the view between shots done by multiple team members, where a rerender is in order, but the post production is underway. Our workaround is creating a floating viewport with the exact aspect ratio our render will have, but sometimes we don't know that when starting our process. V-Ray does this perfectly, shots align as long as the same Named View is activated.
    2. The environment slot is used and makes it very hard to preview materials when using Roughness maps, this is for both Enscape and Rhino Materials with the "glossyenvironment" modifier. Some sort of override or similar would be great for previewing materials and their mapping before launching Enscape

    Hi there

    was very excited to try out the new material editor, but sadly I can't get it working:

    I just shows as empty.

    Here's the sysinfo :

    This is sort of a Re-up of an older topic.

    Quote from Simon Weinberger

    we tried to switch to the API introduced in Rhino 6, which is the preferred way if you ask McNeel. With this implementation we get edge softening works, decals and better material IDs without any code from our side. We really want to make the switch ourselves.

    Unfortunately there are serious shortcomings regarding live updates when editing blocks. You can see the same problems when using Cycles (switch to Cycles, edit blocks, end editing, see how Cycles renderer gets out of sync). In our opinion it's better to have a synchronous rendering, even if this means to miss out on a few other features. You can try it out for yourself and give feedback. How serious are these sync problems in your opinion?

    McNeel is aware of the bugs in the API, probably it's not as easy to fix as it might seem. I'm not aware of any ETA for the bugfixes.

    In my opinion support for the Render Mesh modifiers trump live sync any day, as far as my testing showed as soon as I switched Cycles off and then on again the problem was solved? I'd prefer restarting Enscape for the times I'm editing blocks over not having edge softening at all. I'm also guessing this is a bug that the rhino team will try to squash and when that time comes Enscape is already ready to go?

    We, at our office, use edge softening on a daily basis to get a decent level of realism without bulking up the model and destroying the Make2D capabilities for printing. This allows us to work on the same file for a much longer period without having to create break-off files for render, 2D work, and so on.