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    unfortunately.. they use a code GUID for the category and the tags.. were to find the info what those codes mean..

    so what is what category

    and there are 38 tag code.. not much if we have almost 4000 objects... but what is what

    Paul Russam,

    as i explain above i want to have a scene with all the objects of a category.. it is easier and quicker to place in a new scene then through the asset library. But i want to be sure my scene is up to date .. so i need to check if i have all the families in my scene

    Dear Enscape,

    i just installed version 3.4 and downloaded the update of the library...

    Why did you adjust the sjon files...

    now the sjon files only desplay the points.

    all the info about ID TAGS Categroy is gone and no longer stored in the sjon files..

    please add this back into the sjon files so we can use enscape as a database

    one more remark

    there was a Bamboo... this was the same as Bamboo 001

    at one point Enscape changed some of the naming of a few Assets.

    unfortunatly the new name did not give it a Revision..

    also not all elements have Tags, would have been nice if this element had at least the tag Bamboo..

    i love that the library is expanding rapidly but there are still a lot of improvements to be made.

    for now i made a script..

    it reads all the sjon files from my offline Enscape Asset library and the elements in my library Revit file

    With a different script i added a few parameters to my excisisting elements in my library Revit file..

    i will adjust the planting family template so that these parameters will be in when i place new items.

    i extract the Name, Category, Id, Tags and Revision from the sjon files

    i am then comparing the Id's from the sjon files with the Id's from my project.

    when i have Id's in my project that are not in the sjon files, then those elements will be turned Red

    the sjon information is pushed to the parameters in the other elements

    then in the script it gives me a list of the names of Assets not yet placed in the library Revit file

    i also build in that it will compare the Revision number with the Revision of the elements in the library Revit file.
    And it will turn those elements yellow so i know i need to update those.

    this is a work flow that i can use until Enscape descides to push all info of the library Assets also into the Revit element.

    I like to have a file of each category of the asset library so i can quickly import the needed assets into my project,

    this is a very nice workflow especially when working with dynamo scripts for placing objects.

    Luckily Enscape is expanding it's library quickly with each release.
    But that also makes it harder to keep the files up-to-date.

    Especially because the data from the object isn't transferred to Revit. Enscape is a library with data and Revit is a database.

    but when i look at the properties of an Enscape asset, there is not much there.

    But when i read the sjon file of the object i get a lot more data.

    why isn't the Revision, description, the category and tags not exported into the Revit family.

    The data is right there... it would make it so much easier to see if you have your files up to date.

    as an extra note: it would be nice if the sitting people would also have a parameter of the height that they are sitting.
    and that chairs would have their seating height.
    That way we could easily program that people would sit on chairs made for their height.

    we are working with databases, please get us the ability to work with these databases.

    i never use in place families...
    So it is a shared loaded familie into a familie and then into the project. (in this example)

    but i can't see how or what enscape renders... Phil you say try this, but i can't check preformance...
    But i would love to know these kind of things what is best to render..

    so if i have an array of beams in family... once enscape starts to render it will treat every beam as a single object and only renders when it is seen.

    So it doesn't render the whole family and all it's beams if only 1 beam is visible

    You are having an connection with the chaos group.. and the cosmos engine is getting data from the cloud as well the same as enscape.
    Would be nice (since we have also an V-ray license) if those assets where also loaded into enscape.. (yes we have a good machine to render)

    what are the plans of intergration, choas must have shown an interest in enscape for a reason

    We are trying to push the bounderies of our VR exprerience.

    I am creating a city scene with a lot of detail, where we can place our temporary structures in so we can quickly create renders animations and walktroughs.

    already discussed this a bit in this tread:

    separate objects or one big one

    but does the culling also work when i have a family with a shared object.
    for example at the moment i am working on some train tracks. i place a beam every 500mm or so...
    In the family this beam is set to shared. So does Enscape render the complete track at once or does it only render the elements that are in the viewing area.

    And how does this work with linked files.