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    So in the standard planting family - Always vertical - is turned on..
    and for most objects that is fine..

    but sometimes you want to turn that function off.

    a good example is the cars.. but of course lampposts you want always vertical

    would be nice if this was build in...

    and maybe, (havn't looked at the parameters yet) set a forumala... brightness x factor.. then that parameter factor you turn in to a project parameter.. then you can turn up all the lighting with that parameter or down ofcourse.. (but you need to adjust all your fixtures)

    I love the new feature that the trees and grass are animated.

    But i also love.. having daytime move quickly in my clips.. it is nice to see the shadows move.. and the clouds rushing by

    But when i do that now .. i get trees on steroids... Please make the trees always animate the same.. so despite the time they always have a normal winds.
    Then in the settings you can set how hard you want the wind to blow..

    So don;t make the wind scaleable with time.

    I created a script that will allow you to place elements/families on a certain distance on a line..
    It has multiple options.. place fencing.. or lampposts or different trees.. all is possible with this script.

    If you have any remarks or wishes please let me know



      (40.76 kB, downloaded 35 times, last: )

    search for an our post on the forum and then find the solution... the white background isn't in the pull down (where it should) but it is a checkbox in the top

    My background is white and stays white.
    I change the settings to urban or one of the others but i still have a white background.
    I even uninstalled enscape..restarted my computer installed again..

    Still same problem... i need the clouds back

    I have a project and have set a few favorite views

    These views use a scopbox..

    When i go from view to view... the scope box is ignored.. only the scope box from the original view you started your export in is holding..

    But when you do a batch render.... then the scopeboxes are used and the export is correct.

    only downside is that sometimes you want to adjust the view in enscape first.

    Please fix that when in enscape en you go to a different view...that the sectionboxes are respected as in the batch print.

    They are amazing but from only ' good job' you won't learn...

    Small remark...the render with the car.. the grass in front of the rail..doesn't look good. also the leg of the rail needs some more detail

    OKe so there are no families... only json files, and the families are created by enscape...

    And only when you want to render with enscape.. it gets the object through the code in the placeholder

    and where de the json files live, maybe there is some interesting info in it

    and is there a way to tricker enscape to place objects through dynamo

    When you click on an object in the library, it downloads the element and places it into your project.

    It must be possible to access this database from Dynamo as well..
    Could you please show me how this database is setup and how to reach it...
    It would make things so much more easy if we could access the database directly from Dynamo.


    it looks very good..

    i love the idea of the leaves on the water.

    Real small things make some edges in the panels above the windows. i don't think it will be one big panel, so there will be some edges visible, and the lady in the kitchen is standing against the wall.. place her a bit more in the pace, in real live you won't stand that close to the wall..

    The horizontals between the deck and the lower deck only have horizontals. how are the fixed you would see some verticals behind it as well.

    but this is really just peanuts.. it looks amazing