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    But at the moment, the quest uses wifi as well to transfer the data from the PC to the goggles..
    So at that point it should be oke.. because with virtual desktop or air link, your only sending your movement and images over the wifi.

    so i think the point is to see why frame rates are or would lake with the cloud-based GPU

    With enscape we can make a web based walk through..

    and load that through your browser.

    the browser is then downloading the project.

    Is there a way to let an .exe file or a web application run on the server or cloud based.. so you don't download it to your computer, but only get image and send the keyboard strokes back to the server for control.

    if that is possible then maybe we can also, use it with the Quest 2. Link into the cloud server and see the project.
    that way you don't have to bring a laptop to the client to show them VR and when the client has his own VR goggles they can use it too in an easy way.

    Does anyone see a possibility how to run the walk through on a server without downloading.

    We have bought the quest 2 for our VR experience and it is amazing (with DLSS turned off).

    For an even more immersed experience, i want to use the sound source elements.

    When using the SSE (sound source elements), and i enable them in the settings.
    The sounds are played on the laptop running Enscape,.. but they are not pushed to the headphones of the Quest.

    Does anyone know how to solve this, because i really love the build in headphones of the quest.. you hear the sounds perfect but the surrounding does not hear much.

    using virtual desktop streamer to push to the goggles

    in this clip i explain how to use the dynamo script "site - take a seat"

    i have added a type comment to the seating people assets and wrote a script that together with a dummy object can quickly fill your scene with seated people.

    before releasing the files i will make one more adjustment.. adding adjustment with a value to compensate for the different inserting points of the assets (see clip), i hope enscape will fix this soon.
    (The same for the chair that is in the clip.. why is this one come into the project under 90 degrees.)

    please let me know what you think and if there are more things we should add.

    it would be nice if all the assets would have a same insert point.. with sitting people the main point is where your knees bend because that is the edge of the seat.. in this image all the people are placed at the same point.. but some disappear into your seating.. would be nice if all the assets had the same insert point.. so you could swap them without having to check if they are still correct.

    I love working with enscape and i love that the library is getting so much extended.

    But with a big library, database and filters become more and more important.
    Unfortunatly there are errors in the database or it is not complete.

    For example when you go to people..

    You will see.. Maarten and Maja sitting, they even have sitting in the name, but when i use the tag sitting.. we can't find Maarten and Maja anymore..

    finding the right asset or not being able to select from all the assets you think are available is annoying.

    As people working with Revit database and consistency is everything.

    hopefully this will be fixed in the next update...