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    Enscape is moving along so well and I cant wait to see certain features come to life.

    1. Weather Effects (rain and thunder, snow, falling leaves, frozen and wet glass, wet ground, etc) :D

    2. Match photo feature

    3. Camera Rotation

    4. Improved reflection

    5. Animated components

    6. HDRI rotation ( animate HDRI)

    7. Particle effects (smoke, fire, water, etc)

    8. video texture transparency would be nice!

    9. Composition overlay; Currently there is the rule of third, it be nice if other composition overlays were added.

    Enscape has been a lifesaver when it comes to work. Thank You! I cant wait to see what the next update is going to be.

    Tony_N , have you already received a response from the support team? It may really depend on your machine/hardware itself, so let me know about any current status provided by my team. :)

    Yes, I have received it, thank you! I'll try working with the suggestions. I find it difficult that it would be my machine, I never this problem before, I was rendering 4K animations last week without a problem. Its not out of memory, and my files are less than 100MB. the one I'm currently working on is 30MB.

    I have sent log files a couple of times and the error is still occurring. The weird thing is, a couple of weeks ago, I could export any image or panorama with no issue from any of my sketchup files. I have not made any of them significantly larger in size, I have not modified my computer in any way, and I have all the hardware requirements necessary to render. This is getting very frustrating as this is the main way I show client's their projects. I have been using enscape for 5 years and this is the first time I have run into this problem. It is a pretty big one.

    Same issue I'm having.

    Hey Guys,

    Please see the image attached.

    My roughness is at 0% to help prove my point. my reflection is turning out a bit weird as it captures the environment instead of the model itself. Not sure why.

    Also, this new just happened with new update (april 12th) the lighting is also not visible, I have a sphere light close to the shelves at 100% maximum and you barely see anything on the screenshot.

    Any way to fix this.