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    You may want to check if you have any solid polysurfaces with multiple materials attached to different faces. I also got the "reference not set to an instance of an object" crash and narrowed it down to a solid polysurface that had some areas of grass material assigned and some areas of hardscape. Hiding that object before booting enscape fixed the load error. Showing the object while enscape was already running made the whole thing crash.

    It looks like 3.5 version boots up and then runs a delayed code of some kind that works with the WCS mapping. This was severely lacking in earlier versions so I'm glad i has finally been addressed, even if it is still a little buggy (as long as it runs at all).

    I have found that I have to refresh the model pretty regularly to get it to catch up with material changes.

    Thanks JonasCarlsson

    You're right that does seem to be able to apply the texture map into enscape. Though I am seeing an issue that adjusting the size of the object, for instance making a wall longer or taller, affects the scale of the textures since it isn't unilaterally applied as a WCS. As multiple objects get adjusted, the textures get more and more off.

    But it seems to be a potentially better solution than 'blockedit' each object and apply a box mapping, which is tedious and undone after every update to the visualarq object.

    Until enscape actually fixes this bug, I'm just basically using the white model most of the time, and vray for textured renders (the CPU render can read WCS without any issues).

    I just watched the webinar about new features in 3.2. Sounds like there has been a lot of great updates but no mention of the box mapping issue. Will this bug be fixed in the new version?

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