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    I'm using the Revit version.

    I now typically just make Enscape views to "bookmark" the angles, and then use the standalone capture to save the image, in order to save the aspect. As I mentioned, the batch render seems to crop the images slightly. I also tried widening the field of view to compensate for the crop, but it's still cropping...

    I'm having an issue where if I do a standalone rendering (using the hotkey), my settings for image resolution work fine, whether a preset or a custom resolution. Then with the same exact settings in place, a batch render of starred views will come out cropped slightly tighter, cutting off some of the image all around, but not in a predictable way. It's frustrating because it takes a long time to compose the views only to have to export one at at time in order to preserve those compositions.

    Any ideas? Is this aspect ratio of the batch renderer just something that we'll need to wait for a fix on? Sorry if I'm missing something basic.

    Otherwise we are all in love with the software and latest updates! Kudos to the team.