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    i really, really miss some control over materials as well. as i have said before, Enscape has potential to create some stunning renders! but without control over bump/normal and Specular (for starters), it will never be realistic enough to use as final images.
    When a better material system is in place, I expect it to replace Maxwell/vray for most of the work i do daily. I think You could tap in to a really big costumer group when it is done...

    I agree, it's so close to being my all around renderer but without the maps I'm stuck in the revit version to get them and in revit I can't get the content. Figure out the maps for sketchup and thea, Maxwell, vray, and corona would not be needed.

    Your point wasn't ignored, it's just not 'sustainable'! The download for 1.9.6 is no longer available (or at least anywhere I can see), and where does it leave us with support in the long term?

    You last point illustrates how easy it is to miss points. The whole thread is about the difference from one week to the next with the same hardware. No warning of increased system requirements for the new version, and no settings in the new version that can replicate the previous version.

    I definitely understand the frustration. The good thing in all of this is the enscape team does a great job of listening to us, so im sure a solution is in the works. Like others have said maybe they can make a solution that gets the output closer to 1.9.6 with a couple of settings.

    I have mentioned it before and seems to need to be mentioned again. If you like the lighting in 1.9.6 then stay with that version. A new workstation laptop is a large investment, i get it. Did you purchase this laptop specifically for enscape. I am thinking not since you said you have had for 4 months and you just purchased enscape. Enscape and the new version have not made your laptop obsolete. Im sure it works just fine for the software you purchased it for.

    We have computers in our office that wont run enscape...thats just a fact.....we dont use them for that purpose and we use the ones better suited to run it.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but technology advances, software advances. This is why there are new graphics cards coming out every year. im sorry a quadro mobile card is a marketing gimic. Fancy drivers for a slow gpu...I know i have 6 of these things in my office. That card and laptop will never be able to run enscape (newer versions) with speed.

    I think Enscape has its own place and its a secure one at least in our firm. We have twinmotion the 2016 sp3 version. So ill be getting the new version as well. We also have Lumion, artlantis and LumenRT . I personally have Thea and corona for my personal projects. Where im going with this is we work in a Revit environment (sometimes sketchup). Enscape is the easiest to learn, easy to produce, and time saving option out there, and the results if you have your workflow setup are actually the best (excluding thea and corona). Here is the issue with software like twinmotion, lumion etc. Whether i sync or export my file i still have to go in setup the lighting, setup the materials, tweak a ton of settings to get a decent image. And moving around in the scene is not photorealistic. As an architect im using this tool to SEE the space, i want to see the actual finishes, see the correct lighting etc. I get all of that with enscape, i can even add lights while enscape is open to areas of my model that are dark, i cant do this with other software applications.

    Twinmotion is going to be great, and im sure we will use it to create great images, but dont get too excited, it will be a very long time before twinmotion catches the ease and quality of enscape.

    To the enscape team, create a way to bring decent content into revit like a proxies system or something along those lines so we can have vegetation and decent furniture etc.... Call it a "pro version" or something and charge more for that version. Us architects will purchase me. Everyone else that doesn't need those options can use a standard version. You do that and all the $$ above i spend on other software can be yours :)

    Ok here's one, we are working on a large project and we have linked townhome units into a building model. the original linked unit works just fine but if we mirror the linked file the materials turn see image center is the original unit, and left end unit is original, other two are mirrored.


    did a little testing its version that has the issue, work perfect in the release before this latest version. ALSO white model does NOTwork

    i still think is falls to what you intend to use enscape for. All realtime engines require good graphics cards, its just how it is. So really the choice you have to decides on is quality vs speed. If you are looking for speed, even version 2.0 with all the settings turned down has way better quality then the other true realtime engines. Take unreal for example, everbody sees the cool walk throughs unreal can do, but what they done see is the hours of setup and then multi hours of texture baking it takes to get it to production.

    We have now done multi presentation with enscape and i can tell you, clients want quality. they would take the quality over speed everytime. Clients typically dont have the sense of 3d space that architects do so they want to see the finishes see the environment etc. Even a slow speed is super impressive to clients as most have never seen this type of presentation before anyways.

    If you are using enscape for design review in your office do you really need realistic shadows and reflections on piping and ductwork when you are checking for conflicts etc? It just looks cool so you want to see it, but it is not required. so for this i say turn the settings way down.

    Above i see the screenshot about the k4200 graphics cards and the performance issues. Quadro cards have a specific task, and its not realtime rendering, i know alot of IT departments put these cards into the workstations, but you are stepping outside of the cards intended use. As i said before the production managers and it departments will need to get together in the future and sort out whats best for each workstation but you can have a one size fits all solution. Use your tools for their intended uses and when they dont work for those uses get yourself better tools.

    Guess im confused, the image quality is leaps and bounds over 1.9.6 and speed at least in our office has not been sacrificed as others have mentioned.

    Colin, are you sure you are lowering the correct settings for the images? what graphics card are you using?

    When we decided to purchase enscape, we also made the commitment to upgrade all the users graphics cards to be able to use enscape to its fullest potential. Technology wont stand still because of older hardware. Perfect example, years ago i purchased a tesla s2050 4 gpu server to be used with engines like vray and thea. In the day it was extremely $$$ and did a great job. Now i can get the same performance out of one gtx 1080. for 1/20th the cost.

    If you are happy with version 1.9.6 why not just stay with that version, what is forcing you to update to 2.0? When you are able to purchase a new graphics card upgrade to a newer version. I have plenty of software i use an older version just because i dont like the newer version.

    Its a tough sell to try and make the rest of us users that spent lots of hard earned cash on new hardware etc to have lower quality images because a few do not want to update the tools that make them money. Please look at what you are asking quote "Dont ask me to run with lower settings" Why would you want to do that? A gtx 1070 is $380 us dollars, you paid more for the enscape license and the graphics card will benefit you on ALL software you use.

    We have different machines in our office. All have Enscape on them, some have mid range hardware with mid range graphics cards, some have frankly crappy hardware and a joke for a graphics card. and then mine and a few others are ultra machines with the best of the best. Point im trying to make is a large revit model can be loaded on each of them and even loaded into enscape on each of them. With that each machine will have different performance levels and in the case of enscape we have to set different quality settings. Even the worst machine in out office with just 1gb of graphics memory can load the revit model into enscape, we just turn the settings way down.

    As long as there is the option to turn down the settings i think enscape will work for everyone. But to say lower the quality for everyone thats just not the future.

    In architecture your tools are the computer and the $$$ software you run on them. You need to upgrade and keep your machines current as this is what makes you the money, along with talented people.