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    i will put my two sense in on this discussion and im not trying to be rude by any means so please do not take it that way. Enscape is much like any other real time engine, and with high quality real time experience comes with a large hardware demand. A gt720 and a gtx 960m have performance ratings below 2200, the gt 720 does not even break the 1000 mark. These graphics processors are just not designed for this type of work and will never perform as you want them to. To give you some comparison, a 6 year old gtx 580 that can be picked up for 45 bucks on ebay is 5 times more powerful and a new generation 10 series is 12+ times. If you are using enscape as a tool to produce images, animations VR etc you must also have the other tools to go along with it. A fast processor, decent amount of ram and a good graphics card. Using an under powered card for this type of work is like trying to drive a nail with a spoon. go get yourself a hammer and you wont regret it.

    I know a gtx960m is sold as a gaming card, but it really is not and has poor performance for compute calculations. Not many games in the world that actually keep your graphics card at 100% the entire time.


    Strange i think version 2 is greatly improved over the previous version. Your settings are all correct and the same as the previous version? I notices some grain as well in really dark scenes but this can be overcome by dialing back the Noise reduction quality (strange i know). Something doesnt sound right as the new version is almost on par with the revit version.

    Thanks a lot for brining that to our attention Scott!

    I've had a look at the feedback you've provided and I strongly suspect that it's related to the very latest Nvidia driver release (384.76), which was released just today. We'll look into this asap, but unfortunately we can't test drivers in our QA process that are not yet released. I'd suggest to try to downgrade to a 382 driver version and check if the issue persists.

    Possible, i just updated the drivers this morning. I will roll them back and let you know. Thanks

    Getting black boxes on render if there is an Hi-res HDRI image as environment, see images. This is new to this version and far as i can tell is only when hdri is present. I dont believe this is happening on the 2.0 preview version. Feedback uploaded

    UPDATE: So i downgraded (or upgraded not sure) to the preview version and this error does not happen.

    Yes i have asked about this in the past. Kinda annoying loosing the sketchup control. Only work around i found was sync the cameras and then only navigate in sketchup, but second you click in the enscape window it will become enscape only

    Yep Solo is stating exactly what i was meaning, more material options, bump,reflection maps etc. The revit version obtains this information from the revit material system. I find myself in this weird space, halfway between revit and sketchup. The revit version we get great materials and lighting but lack of content (furniture, plantings etc) due to revit. In the sketchup version we can have any content we need but lack the material control.

    Guess i want the best of both world ;)

    the larger the plan the brighter the light. Just make a plane in sketchup and apply emissive material to it. Just like you would with vray light plan. If you need more or less light just change the size of the plane

    So how do we release the License when its not in use. We where using enscape yesterday in our conf room and it was left on overnight by accident. The computer went to sleep and then restarted. Long story short, we cant use enscape on the machine that it was running on and cant on any other machine because it says license in use, even though it is NOT. We have restarted all the machines and no matter what we do we get the error....please help

    Every project will have slightly different setting based on lighting etc. Best bet is to just play with setting till your happy. In rendering one projects settings dont necessarily work on another. Maybe a screenshot of the project will help to determine what you need

    Is there a tutorial somewhere that explain how to import a geometry with texturing in revit ?

    I'm talking about a method that would have been tested with success with enscape.

    I agree with Jonathan. There really is no way to easily bring content in that is not native (modeled in revit) to revit. I have had success in the past bringing 3ds max models as well as sketchup models into revit and being able to change materials etc but the process is extensive and time consuming and requires work in autocad etc to prepare the model before creating a family. And the down side to all of that is that you have to be careful of the polygon count in your imported models as if its to high and you copy that model (new family) around in your revit model the performance of revit will come to a screeching halt. And finally the uvmapping in revit for curved items that are not modeled in revit is say the least. For this reason this is why you see vegetation always being RCP content and good furniture models and content hard to find.

    There is good content out there on the internet. as you find it put it in your library for future use. Hopefully at some point in the future revit will implement some type of proxies system to get better content into the models.

    Last i agree, im not purchasing another subscription to archvision just for content....they charge too much for substandard product.

    and as a side note.......very impressed Enscape Team!!!!! great job on the light system in sketchup and the improved reflections etc :thumbsup:


    Revit materials are much like any other PBR material system, in order to control aspects of the reflection, specular etc. you have to introduce those extra maps in the appropriate slots. For example, to get reflection lets say on a wood floor like image below, you need to have a setup something like setup windows below. There needs to be a reflection map in the glossiness slot, this is what controls the reflection.. There are videos on youtube about in intricates of revit materials worth watching.

    The clicking of "OK" in the material window is not an enscape thing, that is part of revit and has to be done for any material change, or edit. Doubt the enscape team can change that. Revit does not apply those changes to the element until the ok is pushed.