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    Preview version is not working correctly. When moving around getting tons of fireflies and sparkles and then when stop moving it flickers, flashes and then goes black?

    Weird after testing on two other machines it only happens on the one. Guess ill wait till you look at me report i submitted. Also great job on fixing the amd tinit perfect now.

    That's great news. Honestly, we've been a bit jealous with the quality of the work produced in Sketchup+Enscape (we're using Revit), and we feel that the biggest hurdle to get to the same quality in Revit is the lack of props, vegetation, etc. In theory we could model all these things in Revit but it would take forever and make the model super slow. Using existing models as proxies would be enormously powerful.

    I could not agree more.......thats what revit needs!!!! Even if we have to make these proxies in sketchup using enscape.

    is enscape servers having an issue? we are getting license errors saying all slots in use and both revit and sketchup have long delays at startup like they are looking for something like license or updates. The only thing that ties our revit to our sketchup is enscape. Enscape reaches out of our network at startup of these programs. If i disable our network i get an instant statrtup of these applications.

    So am i the only one with this problem on an AMD card? This only happens on my machine with AMD card, and is happening on every version of enscape for the last 3 versions? Is this a bug on my end or part of enscape? if i move the camera it disappears and then slowly comes back as the image resolves to final.;(;(:thumbdown:

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    I would agree, if the enscape team can come up with someway to get proxy elements into revit, by maybe changing out a place holder inside enscape like they are doing with the entourage that would be an awesome add to revit. considering at this time there is no way to have decent models in revit at render time. Also if the placeholder was a family type we could simply hide that category in the normal views.

    So far with all my testing the one lack the revit version has over the sketchup version is the content. Furniture, vegetation, stuff!!! If we could use max or sketchup models as proxies objects in revit.......well lets just say enscape would be the new king of the hill! IMHO

    got it, thank you. Then that goes back to my purple tint issue. In the alpha preview version its there and in this version its not. So this tells me its in the preview version that there is an issue not the graphics driver. Just FYI for your development team.

    Almost every realtime renderer i know, lumion, twinmotion, lumenrt and including enscape does not work with remote desktop. windows does not implement mouse sensitivity very well and the mouse movements are extreme to say the least. You are fighting a loosing battle with this setup unless you are willing to shell out big $$ for things like Citrix and even then not 100% it will work correct. Better to just have dedicated machine in the conference room capable of running enscape. its really the graphics card that is the cost the machine can be very basic. Hope this helps or at least informs.

    must be just my one computer because the purple/blue tint is back and i cant seem to get it to go away. I thought it was fixed with driver rollback but i was mistaken. I have seen in other users images. any fix for this?

    Thomas, Your team got back to me. Its actually amd's latest driver. I rolled back one version and that fixed the issue. Thank you and your team for the AWESOME support and super fast responses.

    one of my machines im using a AMD graphics card not an nvidia card. On that machine even in white model im getting blue/purple tint to the renderings, even if i change the kelvin in the settings its still there. Seems to have come on either on the last release of enscape or the last graphics driver update. Any ideas? You can see it in the image below. Its not there when panning around but starts to get stronger and stronger as image resolves. Does not occur on nvidia machine.

    i think something like the grass would be amazing as it is light weight, fast to render and seems for the developer would be easy to implement as they could just change the label (grass to gravel etc) in the material and then just render a different billboard, like a gravel or mulch etc.

    Skatter is great but for something like gravel it would be just way to heavy. Remember enscape is "realtime" etc, if i want slow i can use other renderers. :)