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    I have one that i think should be included. How about a material we can "exclude" from the white model, much like the glass stays transparent or the water retains its materials. If doing a site context type model it would be nice if all the model could be in paper mode but you could keep the surrounding context in color. ie like google site images etc. I would think this would be an easy one to implement.


    Welcome to my dilemma as well. That image is actually revit, that was fully done in revit That is my setup project for new materials. That furniture is actually exports from both sketchup as well as 3ds max that I imported into revit as a family and applied new materials to. Its the typical revit problem that there are no decent furniture models out there and revit doesn't like to many cad imports. I am currently working on a furniture library that is light and cleaned up for revit. ill probably share once I complete a good portion of it. Takes good amount of time to do the conversions and make the furniture look correct in both plan views and 3d images. Revit kinda sucks for decent furniture and vegetation content.