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    In v1 you also had to click the icon again to disable the tool.

    We decided to make it more explicit, as many people kept the picking tool active while trying to do something else, which would cause issues.

    What's bothering you is having to click, or the having the popup covering the UI?

    Anyone know how to turn off the Skatterv2 help promotes after ever click. Very annoying

    We can add an option to disable them.

    How would you expect the active state of the tools to be displayed, if there is no popup?

    Also is anyone else experiencing crashing when changing the inserting point from origin to bottom center?
    This crash causing me to restart the file and try again.

    Can you send the file to ?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw your email ;)

    Enscape Devs is version two working well with Enscape?

    The protocol to interact with Enscape has not changed, so it should work the same as v1 in that regard.

    Note that Random Materials in Render-only compositions are not supported by Enscape yet. But that is the only limitation as far as I know.

    By the way, you can use Skatter v1 and v2 in parallel, in case you want to try v2 while keep using v1 for your existing projects.

    The only way I could get Batch Rendering to achieve the same result as a screenshot was firstly, disabling view sync and then setting the FoV to 93.675(Horizontal) in Enscape's Visual Settings which then updated the pre-set assigned to the views.

    That number was arrived at by trial and error and makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    It seems to be a mixup between vertical and horizontal FoV.

    Using your image aspect ratio in this calculator gives exactly this value:

    Setting it in sKetchup is problem. Navigating in plugins window and setting 2PP from there and making sKetchup follow it, should be the problem..

    Indeed! I'm sorry I didn't understand that you were talking about syncing in the Enscape->SketchUp direction.

    But I still believe syncing from SketchUp to Enscape would be immensely useful, even if it doesn't work the other way around.

    jiminy-billy-bob I didn't look inside the methods cos I am not an API guru.. I know a bit of ruby and even can write a little plugin but not a master..

    About support I was told by Eneroth who made the plugin ene_camMemory which I use.. She said her plugin doesn't support 2PP because API doen't support it.. I assumed they don't have either getter or setter methods..

    Ye this methods do give You the Shift and Zoom which in case of 2PP camera important..
    But there are no setter methods as I checked now.. ENS would need both to work properly.. But it looks like they don't even read the values to make ENS view much sKetchup sceen in 2PP... ??

    I have not tried it myself, but considering several other rendering engines (like V-Ray and Thea) support it flawlessly, I'm guessing it is possible to derive the shift and zoom from all the available data.

    I'm afraid its not gonna happen.. I was interested in the topic and found out that Zoom and Shift for 2PP is not accessible in sKetchup's API .. Meaning no extension (ENS being one of them) can properly manage it.. So unless Trimble will add to sKetchup API some methods to manipulate Zoom and Shift in 2PP there is nothing that can be done.

    When did you look into it?

    These methods were added in SketchUp 2015:




    Other rendering engines do support two-point perspective, so it must be possible.

    You can purchase Globe Plants assets on the 3D Bazaar, and it will automatically relink texture and proxy paths when importing. No need to have them at the root of C:/, the assets can be downloaded anywhere.

    There is also a context-menu (right-click) utility to relink maps and proxies in an existing component, in case you already have imported Globe Plants assets in existing projects. Or if you move these assets on your drive, or to another drive.

    More info here:

    (I'm one of the developers of the 3D Bazaar)

    We are approaching release. We are probably going to release smaller beta versions more often, until we reach a point where we think one of these versions will be the public release.

    Besides the last few bugs and optimizations, there are also several things that need to be done before the release: the website, video trailer, migrating the licensing system, documentation and tutorials, as well as creating Skatter compositions for vegetation assets in the 3D Bazaar (this list is not exhaustive).

    So probably still several weeks of intense work.

    We are thinking about something like that. But it’s very tricky because the assets do not belong to us, but are created by third-party vendors. So splitting the revenue with them is not straightforward, it would have to be based on downloads or other metrics.

    But this is definitely on our minds.

    In your case, would it help if you could purchase a bunch of credits that you can spend afterwards?

    The first feature should not be that hard? Enscape already has an option to place other sketchup models as proxies (linked models). is it not possible to somehow "tap" into this functionality?

    Oh I misunderstood your previous post, my bad!

    Indeed this should be fairly easy. We just need to see how to integrate it in the UI.

    And the second wish was actually ment in regard to this :-) ... Placing these local, linked models with simplified geometry instead of the wireboxes that enscape uses as standard for this... This is where transmutr comes into place

    That's a lot more complicated!

    We have plans to link 3D Bazaar and Transmutr somehow, maybe even merge them. We don't exactly how this will work, but it's definitely planned.