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    Hey HNY , could you share examples of these differences (privately) with us? Ideally, if possible, with the project to reproduce it ourselves.
    A few questions to clarify:

    • Are all renderings created on the same machine? Or are you comparing renderings of different machines? Does it also happen if you render the same image twice directly after each other, or did you e.g. load a different project in the meantime in between?
    • Did this problem already occur with 3.5 or is it only happening with 4.0 and later for you?

    Generally speaking image rendering results should be deterministic, except for time based effects, such as clouds or animated vegetation.
    However we did introduce a flexible geometry limit for hardware ray-tracing with Enscape 4.0. This allows users to fully utilize their available VRAM of their graphics card to maximize the quality of reflections and global illumination, which was an often received request. This can mean that the same scene looks slightly different on a system with a different GPU or even if you have a significantly different VRAM usage on the same system.

    Hi Clemens Musterle

    I am from the same company as HNY. I have been doing the tests, and i would happily share the results with you. How would you like it?

    To quickly answer your questions;

    1. all renderings are created on the same machine. I tried both to render it directly after each other (3-4 times) and where i switched between views and re-rendered. The outcome was slightly and significantly different every time.

    2. We did not use 3.5.x at the office because of the way the version affected the Rhino viewport(laggy), while enscape was running. But it worked perfectly in 3.4.4 which is the version we have been using the last year.

    Let me know how you would like the Renders :)

    Kind regards



    I want to hear if anyone else are experiencing the same issues as us? (I have also submitted this message through Rhino 8 (After i finally found the support button).

    We are at the office looking into maybe upgrading from Rhino 7 + Enscape 3.4.4 (Because 3.5.x did not work) to Rhino 8 + Enscape 4.

    I was quite exited to finally get a stable version (after almost one year of waiting) I am now testing out the new software on our models where we have been using 3.4.4, and i am quite dissapointed.

    There seems to be a lot of the same bugs, which there were in the 3.5.x, that i know has been reported here by many users, and they are still here in version 4.

    I am especially talking about the fact that the Rhino viewport is super laggy when enscape is running, this was also a problem with Rhino 7 and 3.5.x and was reported many times here on the forum, is this an unfixable "feature"? (This is a big deal, it is disrupting the workflow so much that we find unusalble like 3.5.x)

    3.4.4 works perfect, no lag AT ALL.....

    When moving and object in Rhino, it will move in the enscape window simultaneously, when live-updates are turned on, which affects performance negatively. Can this be fixed (again)?

    We are also experiencing the already reported bug, where the Rhino viewport will change/sync, when selecting a saved view in the enscape viewport. Do you know when this will be fixed?

    I am also running out of GPU memory when turning on ray-traced sun shadows.... (AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX 24 GB GDDR6 RAM) (see attached photo).

    I cant seem to find the enscape toolbar in rhino 8? (i had to do a workaround where i created my own custom toolbar, to access the enscape icons/buttons, why i had a hard time finding the support button :) ).

    PNGs insterted will not show in the enscape window as png's but a a picture with white background,(see attached photo) all cutouts placed in a model cant be used anymore. Can this be fixed?

    Some reflections are showing as white objects (it did not in 3.4.4 (see attached photo))

    This is just be bugs ive come across after using the software for 15 min... And it is really sad. I like enscape a lot, it is an amazing tool with fast rendering times and cool features(i am an advanced user, using it every day for high-end visualizations).. But it is sad that the "new" updates (3.5x and 4.x.x) are not working properly...

    kind regards. :)

    When importing something from 3dwarehouse, rhino/windows will save the material in a temporary folder/unpacked items something something.... and the texture will be deleted over time. I cant remember the folder name. But i would recommmed moving the material to a different folder and re-assigning the material as an enscape material.

    The Rhino viewport is still super slow with Enscape running(Rhino 7.36 and Enscape latest release)... We will stick to 3.4.4 which is still the most reliable version. Hopefully there will be a stable version in the future.

    Complete silence.... - no news from the developers for over a month. - It has been 8 months without a workable update for rhino. How is 3.5.x so much worse than 3.4.4?

    3.5.x makes 3.4.4 seem like a perfect piece of software, which it is not (3.4.4 has a bunch of bugs as well...)

    What is the status of getting a stable 3.5.x version for rhino???? This has been many months now with no (workable)updates...

    I updated to 3.5.5 today, just to check if it worked, dispite the the comments in this thread saying it still is unusable. And indeed the bugs still remains.... Rhino becomes super slow, enscape is slower than 3.4.4, lags on lags on lags and eventually a crash. AGAIN, I did a rollback to 3.4.4 which is the only usable version.. What is going on, did you stop the rhino support? or are you just prioritizing other CAD? How can 3.4.4 run completely fine with no lags or bugs and 3.5.5 is complete unusable?? Do we need to look for alternatives for doing our visualizations in rhino??...


    I can tell you that i am facing the same problems even with 3.5.1 . So i had to do a rollback(again) to 3.4.4 . Because working with 3.5.1 was impossible.

    I used the feedback button, described my problem. And the answer i got was that i had to downscale all my textures to 2K (i haven't done that). Theres must be an issue with the 3.5.1 because it works perfectly on 3.4.4...

    I'm sorry to hear that and be assured that this is an issue which should be fixed rather soon actually, we already gathered all the info from users affected in order to reproduce this. I'll share more news here in the near future once I'm able to!

    Hi Demian,

    Sounds very good!

    And super nice with the edge softening, it has been a feature that i/we have missed for a long time in the studio, so thank you!

    - After i have upgraded to 3.5, i noticed that moving objects with the gumball in the rhino viewport mirrors in the enscape viewport, making it super heavy to do updates without Live updates turned off, because it is moving simultaneously. I have crashed several times because of this. In the previous versions it would update in enscape after you let go of your object. Is this something that can be switched off? or are you planning to keep this "feature"?

    Kind regards.