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    I am asking this for what feels like the tenth time. Why does the new interface have to reload the Revit model every single time you change a view compared to the Views Tab from 2.9 that you were just able to jump camera position and not have to reload large Revit models each time you wanted to change views. It is a workflow that adds an excessive amount of time to the workflow for what I see as absolutely no gain in use or function of the program, Also this time I would like to know more of why and if there is an actual plan for this going forward rather than just hearing that other users have also expressed the same sentiment. Is Enscape addressing this, or ignoring the issues that happen to users with larger models?

    Please bring back the Views Tab, the Page Up/Page Down still results in having to deal with Enscape changing the active document and having to reload. It adds such an unnecessary amount of loading time and makes 3.0 and beyond basically unusable with how much time is wasted waiting for everything to reload rather than just being able to jump to different camera positions.

    Please bring back the VIEWS tab that was on the right side in Enscape 2.9. It made it so easy to move around the model, the new View managment changes the active document every time you click a view, this adds needless wasted loading time.

    Is there a reason that any change made while on a preset actually changes what the preset values are? Doesn't that make the presets not as functional as they were in 2.9? Is that a planned fix so you can load a preset, make changes, then reload the preset to reset to the saved preset?

    I was testing out the latest preview and had some questions about how the new visual settings will be working.

    First I tried to import my old settings and it said they were not compatible, will that be changing as the preview versions progress?

    Second I started to create so presets and I noticed that if you created a new preset that any edit you made actually changed the preset itself and then you would have to reload the saved preset and it would just add a 1 to the end of the name. I was wondering if the presets were going to change to work closer to how they are in 2.9 where you can load a preset, but then make any changes to the settings and they don't alter the actual preset. I could see it being difficult if each time you changed a single setting that it was actually alters the preset. It would definitely cause issues at my firm in continuity in rendering production.

    Another question I had, this regarding the View management, but I noticed that each time you select a view, it changes the active document, will there be a function similar to the Views tab in 2.9 to jump between favorited view without going through the loading process that is changing the active document?

    Our office has been having issue with a Revit model that can not seem to have Enscape open for it. Other Revit 2021 files created in the same manner and with about the same building information it it open fine, but one file has the Enscape window close after about 2 minutes of trying to load. It gives no error message and does the same thing on multiple people computers. Is there any way to troubleshoot this?

    You can press "0" on your keyboard to get a nice axon view of your project. :) Is that sufficient to you or would you like to have more of these views available as shortcuts?

    I think it would be nice to have it possible to see the axon view from each of the 4 corners, rather than just the one axon view.

    Demian Gutberlet The main way our office was using the function was to be able to compare one view/ space at different points in the year. We created independent views that carried the sun settings for the Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, Spring Equinox, and Autumnal Equinox(See image below). We would then use the set sun position function to allow us to quickly move through the different times of year in different spaces without having to create multiple views for each space or editing the source sun settings each time we wanted to compare the space in the summer to the winter. If this could be a function that was rethought and brought back in a later version i think it would be beneficial.

    I have also noticed that the view list is no longer in alphabetical order, is there a reason for that change as well?

    It would be nice that instead of the panorama saving to a basic image file if you were able to save in HTML format so that you can open it without the use of internet. Revit's cloud rendering has a function like this that was nice for when we were going to offsite meetings and wanted to save a copy of a panorama to a laptop.

    Currently experimenting with the new web version of the standalone export for Enscape. I am using Revit and emissive materials are working in the Enscape windwo for Revit and the standalone .exe export, but the don't appear to emit any light in the web based version. They do start to emit light if I change the time to a point that there is no sunlight. Is there a way to make it the same in the web version as it is in the .exe version?