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    I'm embarrassed now. As an 8 year veteran of SketchUp, I just started to write a comment about how the latest version of Enscape still wasn't working with SketchUp 2022 because the Enscape buttons weren't showing up in the tool set the same way it always did in previous iterations, even after I verified that Enscape was listed as an installed extension in the "Extension Manager". I was feeling angry and frustrated. I had the whole thing typed out and was about to hit Reply. But then I realized that this latest version simply needs to be selected as an active tool:

    "View"-->"Toolbars..." (then check the Enscape box).

    Good thing I didn't publicly confess to making such an amateur mistake.

    We have been using SketchUp Pro + Enscape for, I believe, just over a year now, and we have become very accustomed to manipulating the plugin and it's many versatile options. We are a design firm specializing in high-end residential outdoor environments, so it's typical for us to show several day time scenes, followed by afternoon scenes, and then several night time scenes with lots of lighting elements. I'm well versed in the atmosphere settings such sun brightness, ambient brightness, night time brightness, synthetic light brightness, etc. We have often changed these settings from model to model, and even from scene to scene in order to get the lighting just right for each shot. But as of today, something seems very wrong and I cannot figure out what happened or what changed.

    Traditionally, I have adhered closely to most of the standard brightness settings, and when I include lighting features in the model, I typically don't have to set their individual illumination values above 30 - 50 points. When altering the time using the short cut keys (U + I), there is always a smooth transition between day, afternoon, and night. The natural light dims, and the synthetic lights come on and slowly get stronger until the sun is completely gone. And once night time arrives, you can always see the stars, the clouds, and especially the moon.

    Right now, when I get to a night time hour, the sky is completely dark. All surfaces are dark. It's as if there is zero ambient brightness or sky brightness during night time, even if I slide all of the brightness settings to their maximum value. I cannot see stars, or moon or clouds. And in order to see any of the synthetic lights, I have to change their individual illumination properties up into the 10,000 - 100,000 value region on the slider scale.

    Something is very wrong here, and none of the visual settings seem to be having any effect on this problem. Please help!

    ***EDITED: I have added some screen grabs to show what I'm referring to. The daytime light settings seem to be behaving like normal. It's just the night time lighting that is not performing as it usually does. Also, in case anyone is curious, The purple lights in the foreground are individually set at about 1,000cd. The purple lights off in the distance are raised up higher and are set at about 500cd. And the fire material off to the left is a self-illuminated material set at 100,000cd. None of this is displaying correctly.