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    Wow great! Could you share how you wrapped the decals on the product in sketchup? if you could share the sketchup modelling view :)

    Awesome work done! I really like the effort you have put in the details! Where did you get ur components from and the textures? Could you share the model maybe?

    It is still in Beta. I was lucky/fast enough to get one of the 100 early access licenses :-) It should soon be available in an official release.

    Until then, you could also take a look at Simlap Composer. It can read almost any format (more than transmutr), and can convert them to sketchup. It is not as straight forward as transmutr, but i works, and i've used it alot.

    Great work! When you say Simlab Composer are you talking about the Pro version 9? Or do you use an old version of simlab? Because the Free Composer 9 does not support Direct export :p

    WOW! Good job! Looks really nice.

    I just wanted to ask if you can tell how you made the road and the sidewalk? And the textures look awesome, what site do you get these from? :)