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    I completely agree.

    The context is a huge part of helping clients and contractors to make rapid and informed decisions. But developing that context takes time - which is better spent developing the proposals. Point clouds offer a huge advantage in that respect. If people aren't requesting it now - they surely will be.

    Twinmotion is looking great when you consider point cloud support - along with the speed of developing site context, animated objects, and the weather system.

    thanks JScape,

    Strange, why not call it a Roadmap if that's what it is.

    The term Voting Portal gives the impression you have the ability to submit ideas and visually see them being publicly voted up for development.

    I'm sure more and more people will be using point clouds, (as they can even be created with a mobile phone). Importing them into revit is simple, and it's a huge shame you cant take them forward into enscape. It would allow you to rapidly convey ideas with context and accuracy etc.

    btw..i see its supported in twinmotion


    The default skybox has a grey ground plane, This is ok for views that look above the horizon, however there are many instances in which a view needs to be angled towards the ground which does not have site context This results in an image with a strong and dull grey ground plane that is in sharp contrast to the sky - rendering it useless for presentation. The only solution for this kind of view is to select a white background - however the image immediately loses context and depth and feels very bland and 2D.

    I realise that custom skyboxes can be added, however a default skybox that shows a sky with a white ground plane would surely look much better and give some depth and a small hint of realism.




    I cant figure this out; is there a detailed step by step tutorial?

    I can scale the video file, but it appears with a 50% offset.

    The only way the video shows is if i enter (eg [video:C:\Video Textures\Video1.mp4|3|2|0]) into the description box of the materials 'identity' tab.

    Whatever i do under appearance tab has no effect?


    This would be a great feature.

    We produce animations of the sun path throughout the day on almost every project because clients frequently want to know the exact time a window receives direct light etc.

    You can overlay a time value manually in video editing, but it it would be good to show a progressing clock rather set times at certain positions.

    We also have to frequently revert back to enscape to identify what the time value actually is which can be time consuming as we tend to produce lots of videos randomly, and then select them later for presentation.


    I'm struggling to be productive with the new video editor, and getting very strange issues trying to set timestamps of keyframes.

    unfortunately i don't have the time to experiment so need to roll back to a previous version, but cant recall which is the last version that has the video editor accessed directly in revit?



    Thanks Gadget man, unless i misunderstand you, i think that would be a similar situation to what i currently have? I.e would result in flipping back and forth between existing and proposed, or reloading the model with layers on and off. I am hoping to avoid toggling, and also opacity. Whilst that sometimes works great i was looking for a clean view of the existing and proposed.

    So effectively what i am trying to achieve is to have multiple instances of enscape running at the same time, but have the camera movements synchronised between them.

    This means that when i navigate to a point in the model and the client asks 'what did it look like before' i don't have to switch over to the other window and navigate to the same point.

    Having synchronised navigation between to windows would streamline the process.

    @Demian, yes if you could file that feature request, i would be grateful.


    My clients are loving enscape3d, and are finding it much easier to make decisions.

    However we are constantly flipping back and forth between existing and proposed views, so that they can compare proposals to the existing situation.

    At the moment this means exporting a standalone model of the existing phase and then running a second version of the proposed phase, and placing them side by side on the screen.

    This is a workable solution, however it would be great to have a way to view these different phases with the camera updating simultaneously in each view.

    Many thanks