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    What kind of GPU do you run Aero on, and what kind of framerates are you getting?

    As I said above, I have been burdened with buying the wrong controllers and having one bad base station. So I have not (yet) had time to get to testing framerates or even gotten close to that. Especially with only 1 working base station, which is brutal.

    Nonetheless, to answer your question, my hardware should not be an issue:

    CPU: Ryzen 9 5950X

    GPU: GeForce RTX 3090

    So far, my EARY update:

    (NOTE, none of these issues so far have anything to do with Enscape, but with Varjo Aero and SteamVr and Base Stations and Controllers)

    1.) Up until now I am familiar with Oculus Rift S, super simple. Plug and play.

    2.) I unfortunately got HTC Vive controllers, but not the blue ones. (Mistake #1. I have fixed and gotten the blue controllers instead. After more research this was my mistake in not reading instructions carefully enough.)

    3.) One of my two base stations is blinking red, meaning hardware malfunction. So I am only using one base station and it (from my guess/understanding) is making this inoperable)

    At first I could not use controllers, but I could see a lot of beautiful things. Inside Enscape and outside.

    Now I can use controllers but if I move my head a slight bit, things go bonkers. Again, inside Sketchup/Enscape but also everywhere else too. Google Earth VR and/or games too.

    I am in the process of doing a return on my bad base station and am looking to order another to get here. So it will be a week or two more before I can report success.

    At this point, I can only recommend Oculus Rift for anyone less than die-hard people, as it is plug-in-play. But what I saw of my models in Varjo - looks awesome and I want it that much more! I won't give in yet, too much fun is to be had. From what I have seen so far, I do believe this can work. However my hopes are going from 80% down to 60%. A lot of (a) expermining, (b) trouble, (c) waiting, and mostly (d) costs to get here. But given I still feel this is 60% going to be a great solution ... Either I am a hopeful or setting myself up for defeat. Given the work it took to get here and the visuals I have seen so far, I would not recommend this trouble to most people. However, there have been two shots I set up perfectly (without controllers) and base stations working correctly and that has me impressed/hopeful.

    Never give in, never surrender ... I will provide more updates when progress is made.

    Framerates were not good even on a 3090. On the other hand a custom Unity.exe worked great.

    What type of framerates were you getting? This might depend on the model you were viewing .. or not. My Aero arrives on Monday I believe. Glad to hear the Vive paddles worked for you! As I said above, I will be testing the older, regular Vive controllers.

    Thanks for the update and congrats on your new Aero! Let us know how you Aero+Enscape experience is. Will you be using Index controllers with it?

    Shipped from Shenzhen directly. Being in the US it might take a week or more to get to me. Depends on FedEx.

    I really did not know what to do about controllers. I decided to go with with the cheapest AND best guess of what I think will work. Since the system requirements page for Enscape VR headsets says HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro are recommended headsets, I went with standard Vive controllers. Seems logical to me. And frankly I don't need the sleekest or best controllers available, I just need to navigate my models. Will be back to update you in a few weeks once I get the headset and get it tested. If controllers are an issue, the Index controllers would be my next test.

    Thank you, this worked. It is a little confusing how we have walking speeds and flying speeds that are different. But this solves my issue. Would be nice to customize each speed separately, thus 6 speeds:

    Walk normal

    Walk fast

    Walk fastest

    Fly normal

    Fly fast

    Fly fastest

    ... just a thought.

    Got this email from them today...


    Attached is the receipt for your Varjo order #####. The order will be shipped within five (5) business days. Once it ships, you’ll receive a separate shipment confirmation email with your tracking code.

    Hopefully will have it in my hands the week of May 2nd. So looks like their turnaround time is just under 3 months right now.

    Often times I find myself in a pickle. I am showing something but don't have the time to walk there or "move fast" there. Move faster is too fast. Trying to give a good "walk through" but at a pace I want to set on my own. Is there a config I can change to make the SHIFT or CTRL move at a speed I pre-determine? If not is there another way I can do it? Or should I submit a feature request to have "move fast" and "move faster" be adjustable in settings by some sort of multiplier?

    Pardon, could you go a bit more into detail when it comes to the "poor 3d headset quality"? Perhaps you can give me some key points regarding what's bothering you / what's still missing to you for a better VR experience?

    Sorry I see how that sounded negative. I had said "the biggest downside to Enscape3d right now is the poor 3d headset quality." In that, I was saying that VR headsets in general have poor quality compared to the graphics you see when not in VR. This was not a shot on Enscape3d, but a shot against the line of VR headsets we have had to live with until now. I very much want a headset that has much higher quality / resolution that the Varjo Aero is promising the VR community. And if the Varjo Aero won't be workable with Enscape, I will likely shop around to see if another rendering program will support it better for me.

    Based on your comments about controllers (which is helpful), it would likely save me some troubleshooting if you could at least recommend controllers you think would work with the Aero! If so I would be delighted to report great success here to the others in my shoes of trying to get a better visual of our models with the far superior Varjo Aero VR headset. Do I need to "see" the controllers in the VR experience? No. But if Enscape would recommend the optimal controllers that would be Htc Vive controllers or Htc Index controllers?

    Per your recommendation I did "submit idea" here:…bs/17-under-consideration

    I suggest anyone else with a hunger for Varjo Aero support additionally submit an idea as well for the product development team!

    Another thought I had since I bought it... If you want to know now, find someone with a Varjo Aero, build an .exe and ask them if it works for them.... If it worked for them it work be fantastic news for all of us! And if it did not, I would still give a small chance it could work as I am not very familiar with exports vs. in-program launches. I did not have the time to find someone and ask for a test.

    I will say, from my perspective, the biggest downside to Enscape3d right now is the poor 3d headset quality. If my Varjo Aero headset won't work with Enscape I will be looking to find a replacement rendering program. But again, I have hopes it will work because it is SteamVR as you said...

    I'm still waiting for the Aero. It said "3-4 months" when I ordered it in early January. So no update. I will for sure post here when it comes in and I get to test it. Based on what their delivery time is I guess I will update a few days after April 10 to May 10th.

    I agree and would hope that @Demian Gutberlet would comment on if they think it would plausible work. He and the team should be a lot more knowledgeable than you or I... I had to take a big gamble here, and as a customer of Enscape3d I would love to hear their take too....

    Thank you for the response. I actually bought one before you responded, delivery says 3 to 4 months right now, but I'm hoping it will work. My research gives me some hope it might work. Even if not I have other gaming uses I guess I will chalk this up to and it becomes a very expensive toy. But my real purpose is to hopefully use it with Enscape3d. When I get results, which seems like it will be months from now, I will update others as to my jovial success or disappointing failure.

    I would love buy a Varjo Aero VR headset for 3d demonstrating models. (Currently using a Oculus Rift with Sketchup and Enscape 3d.) This looks like such a great headset, but at a whopping $2,000 or so, I would need to know before buying one if it would work with Enscape. Has anyone tested it with Enscape3d? I can only find one thread on the forums with one post mentioning the headset, but no information and nobody answered with any info.

    I would love to hear from the Enscape team specifically! Has it been tested? The additional resolution would be such a welcome upgrade! What would need to happen to get a test setup so that the company can confirm it works...? I would really like the upgraded resolution, but can't spend that to find out it does not work!

    Thank you.

    Thank you Phil, when I saw your response I tried that, however exporting panoramas seemed to not save files. So I started looking into the issue again and when I copied the file here, it did work:


    It seems that the location of where this .cfg file is located is now different than it was when I got it to work last year. Now I can see mountains 15 miles away!! Nice!

    Hi there,

    I found this thread

    RE: View distance limits

    I believe the solution there worked for me earlier this year. I have since moved to a new computer and tried this and it is not working.

    In my account I have created:


    In it I have one line:

    r_farClippingDistance 100000

    However I am still seeing clipping. This is a model of miles and miles of mountains I have downloaded from Google Earth into Sketchup and am trying to view in Enscape. (In order to get the views for the property I am designing are 100% spot on.) Some of the mountains are up to 15 miles away, which would mean I need a value of 24,000 or so. 100,000 should be plenty far enough.

    The symptom... I can see the mountains on the left and right of the screen. However not when looking straight. It is a bit of a nuisance as I have to turn my head to see far to the left or right and is not giving the appropriate view.

    Thank you for anyone who can help.