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    Finally we went back to 3.4.4. Again..... Here the same batch with the same file tooks 2 minutes.....

    I dont think, we will wait more long for a decent, working version of enscape anymore!

    What a pitty!

    W1MUC , could you perhaps let me know a bit more about the size of your scene, in terms of complexity and megabytes as a whole? Or does really any scene take a lot longer to load even a small one? In case this may affect a specific model, is there any chance you could share it with us?

    Judging by one of your latest reports it also seems that your graphics card drivers are currently outdated. It cannot hurt to make sure to acquire the latest available from NVIDIA's homepage directly to see if that makes any difference. On top of that if Rhino 7 itself has any open available updates to install, please do so as well.

    If it makes no difference, kindly let me know and thank you for answering my questions. I'll meanwhile converse with our developers as well to troubleshoot this further.

    Dear Damian,

    the file size and the complexity doesn´t matter? Anyhow it is about 850MB, almost just rhino gemometry (nurbs) and a lot of enscpae blocks. The same file has been working since a couple of month with 3.4.4 without any problem and a complete fluent workflow.

    Since 4.0 the same file is, as I said, super slow, batch takes forever and the whole computer is blocked while enscpae is renderings.

    Meanwhile I did the last rhino update without any effect.

    And currently I´m testing another file, and the same problem, that the batch takes much much more time to render. Much more!

    Approxemately 1 minute instead of 5-10 seconds before.

    Belive me, everybody of us would prefer a stable new version, and finally upgrade to rhino 8 especially, but from my users point of view, 4.0 is still compelte rubbish. Sorry

    Dear all,

    it just needed some minutes to say: 4.0 is unfortunately still rubbish!

    I´m really sorry to say that, BUT:

    -loading a scene takes much more time that with 3.4.4

    -batch rendering took some minutes to render the first image; 3.4.4 would had at least 5 images in the same time

    -it takes almost all recources of the computer when rendering. During a batch in 3.4.4 you could keep on working, now even loading a website takes forever

    We were really keen about the new version, also because we still can not work with Rhino 8 because of missing compatibility.

    But this version doesn´t allow any workflow unfortunately.

    Ok thanks, now it works. What I did:

    - rebooting the computer several times AFTER the full deinstalltion

    - rebooting the computer several times AFTER installing 4.0


    it was only possible to show the enscape buttons in a new blank rhino file and not in an existing one.

    After showing the buttons in the clean rhino file, they also were visible in the "old" file we´re currently working on.

    So beginning to test now :)

    Finally enscape 4.0 is released today.

    Uninstalling the old Version and installing the current one: no enscape symbol in rhino.....

    What a great start..

    How do I get 4.0 started on Rhino 7?!

    I am sorry to hear about that. If you do get the chance to give Service Pack 3.5.5 a try as well which just released a couple of hours ago (including further bug fixes for Rhino) whenever possible then we'd appreciate it of course.

    Furthermore regarding the Rhino material button disappearing in 3.5.4, that is definitely also something we wish to look into as this seemingly hasn't been reported before, so we'd also appreciate it if you could let us know should it this behavior surface again, alongside submitting a report with logs ideally too.

    You can also feel free to submit us that report already before trying Service Pack 3.5.5, and we can at least check your logs for any hints as to why problem might've occurred in the first place.

    Dear Damian,

    I am sorry, but this will ne be possible. After I had to switch back to 3.4.4 since the missing material button and other issues,

    ALL THE USED PROPS were not displayed with materials anymore.

    Of course, 3.4.4 is not able to show 3.5.4 props. But this was another half day of replacing all the props in the file....

    So if I try out 3.5.5 and this will also not work and I have to switch back, the whole file is destroyed again.

    Feels like being a beta tester....

    This is so absolutely annoying!!!!!

    Since ALL VERSIONS FROM 3.4.4 are just rubbish, I gave the current version another try. Unfortunately!

    Rhino 7 up to date, Vray 6 up to date and again ENSCPAE is crashing everything.

    This time, during work the Rhino material Button disappeared. I spend half a day of trying around, doing research on McNeel and so on.

    Finally I just uninstalled fkng enscape 3.5.4 and again I installed 3.4.4. One click in the menu, and the missing window was back again.

    Thanks for loosing hours with another buggy version. This is so absolutely disappointing.

    Now, two years later, is there any possibility, so show or open enscape files on IOS devices?

    Opening the web standalone on safari will open, but there is no chance to naviagate.

    Such a feature would be very useful


    After it was a desaster to work with 3.5 and 3.5.1, I gave the 3.5.2 update a try today.

    It has been lasting for about 5 minutes and I deinstalled it another time to went back to 3.4.4. This seems the only Version, which is working properly.

    The reasons:

    - opening a massive project file, took way more long than with 3.4.4 (doublechecked it, now with 3.4.4 again, it takes less than 1 minute)

    -after waiting for that, hiding a layer with a lot of elements was not working (ok, perhaps it would have worked after hours....) Now with 3.4.4 it takes 1 second doing this....

    - still using rhino blocks is not funny with 3.5.2; program windows disappearing and crashing frequently.

    So this Version still works very slow, very unstable and is not really useful unfortunately.

    Would be great to get a REAL WORKING update soon.... Or will enscpae not being developed seriousely, since there is something called vantage?

    Leider ist seit dem heutigen Update auf 3.5 ein arbeiten mit einer Rhino Worksession Datei nicht mehr möglich.

    Auch trotz Update auf den aktuellesten Nvidea Treiber funktioniert die Datei nicht mehr.

    Mutmaßlich liegt es an den komplexen Geometrien, die mittels Worksession referenziert wurden. Sobald diese geladen und eingeblendet sind,

    stürzt Enscpae zusammen mit Rhino ab oder enscape lässt sich nicht öffnen.

    Bugreport wurde bereits übermittelt.

    Da ich wieder auf 3.4 zurück bin, kann ich leider keine Screenshots anhöngen.

    Fazit: Enscape seit 3.5 NICHT mehr nutzbar für uns :thumbdown:


    ich habe in den Einstellungen von Rhino und Enscape die gewünschte Auflösung eingestellt und angepasst an den Safe Frame.

    Wenn ich jetzt manuell oder mittels Batch diese Views rendere, ist der Bildauschnitt nicht gleich.

    In den Enscape Renderings wird schinbar herausgezoomt.

    Wie bekomme ich das in den Griff?


    I spent half a day now, to get into lighting in enscape with rhino.... but without success.

    Is there any tutorial, knowledge base or something else, I can get information?

    It seems, lighting only with rhino objects is hardly possible, there are tons of factors I dont understand.

    Sometimes the intensity of 1 is enough, even too high. Sometimes at 100 oder 1.000 there is no effect visible.

    Which role does the distance of the light to an objects playing? At which amount it disappears?

    Is there a difference between a file with meter or millimeters as units?

    I have the current version, I have Rhino 6 and I tested with the default settings around midnight, to neglect enscape light and I was using either rectangular and spot lights.

    Is it possible, to keep the intensity of an emissive light stable, autonomous from the point of view?

    I have a wall with emissive on one side; if im behind the wall, no light is visible. It gets brighter when I move besides or in front of this wall facing the emissive material.

    Would be more realistic, if brightness is stable; especially on the floor.

    I tried to fix this with several changes in the settings, but no real success so far ('Auto Exposure' off; Arificial Brightness to 0%).