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    well, the situation right now is quite nonsense to buy a rtx because of the ridiculous high price from the scalpers. why buy a usd 3000 card when the normal price is just usd 599 (rtx 3080)? so buy a gtx 1660 is quite reasonable. maybe gtx 3050 is a wise choice considered it's the cheapest card from 3xxx series

    btw, gtx 1050ti eventhough is slow still be able to render. i already tested it in my old pc and it get the jobs done.

    still in shock today after read this news.

    btw, after this merge, now there is hope enscape in the future will support 3ds max :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    this is another great suggestion :thumbsup: pls add setting for skybox adjustment like height etc. i'm a long user of 3ds max so when i use hdri in enscape i really scratch my head to find the right hdri for my scene. with rotation option as the only setting for skybox, makes a lot of hdri file became useless. the only solution is using photoshop to edit the hdri files so i can use it on my scene.

    totally agree. we are a studio in asia with clients from the same area. so you can imagine if we presented our animation, a beautiful animation but it ruin with the caucasian entourages ^^^^^^ maybe you can make like 1 pose people with multiple option, like some ethnicity, different color of clothing etc.