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    Hi Demian, thank you so much for the solution.

    i already add exception The Url you provided.
    It does boost the online asset menu.

    But for the offline asset, it just doesnt working at all.
    Is there a way to download enscape offline asset library thru website or any others sources?

    Im from indonesia, my connection are good, but seems like the server just way too far away.
    the upload speed are 200mbps, download at 50mbps.

    Hi guys,

    i have tried a lot of fix for my problem and yet it doesnt help at all, i really dont know what am i doing wrong on this.

    I downloaded the offline asset and everytime i try to render it, it show this notif.

    "Render data for asset could not be downloaded during the export, the afflicted asset may not be displayed in the rendered model"

    can anyone help me solve this problem?

    I tried to reinstall enscape, repair enscape, change the folder,

    turn back to online when export (entering the enscape)

    im using Sketchup, the computer are fine, running with ryzen 3600 and rtx series GPU.

    using official license, everything are good.

    Help please?

    Much appreciated, also if it cant be solved, can anyone give me a tips to make the asset appear faster in online mode?