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    Sketchup 2020

    Enscape 3.2.0


    I normally create panorama views, upload them to the cloud then share a link with clients for viewing. I email them a link and also a PDF of the floor plan with the QR Code embeded. The idea is to print the floorplan and then point the phone camera at the QR code to access the pano.

    I have two clients right now both with iPhones and they aren't able to make the links work nor can they use the QR codes. Both are new devices like iPhone 12. If they receive the email on their PC, the links work fine.

    If I email it to myself, the links work fine (Samsung device).

    Any help is greatly appreciated,


    jtubb Good morning! Thank you for your response. To make each keyframe, I simply use the "+" button on the video editor... no changes were made to any keyframes. Preview and video export are both backwards.

    Using Sketchup Pro 2020, Enscape 3.1.0. I create Keyframes in my model, rotating around the object and then create a video. When the video is made, the last keyframe is first and the first keyframe is last (the video is reverse order). What am I doing wrong? :/

    Hello - I need some advice on how to handle this. Its just like with a real camera, standing inside and taking a picture looking towards a bright exterior. I've played with the exposure brightness but when I set it so low that the exterior looks ok, the interior is too dark (and visa versa). The snapshot of the Sketchup view shows (2) rectangle lights at ceiling level, both set at 10,000 lm. What else can I try? Thank you, John

    Hello Demian - Thank you for your notes. By marketing site, I mean the property developer of the project is building a website to market buildings which aren't yet built. I'd like to provide them with panoramas then can use on their website and perhaps the article you mentioned "For Software Developers" will help me with that.

    The panoramas work very well and I like being able to upload to the cloud, copy the link address, email a client the link, and they can view it. How could I have the panorama show up in a website, for instance as a post on LinkedIn or in a marketing site and not have to follow the link? When I paste the link into the post, it creates a link to the Enscape viewing site. That is, within the post, I want to view the panorama without leaving that page. (sorry to use the word "link" so much). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello - In my Sketchup 2018 model, if I rename the material for a patch of vegetation to "grass", the Enscape grass then shows up. However, I also get grass-like effects extruding out of corners of my structure (corners of the house model). The unwanted "grass" takes on the color of whatever it is attached to. Any suggestions of what I should adjust or look for?

    Hi Demian, Thank you for your help. I made two short videos and have put them in a Dropbox folder, link below. The effect I see is when the movement stops, there is a final "settling" and maybe that is normal. It doesn't seem like much but when walking through a model with a client it does that every time we pause to look around. Maybe its perfectly normal and I'm ok with that - I just wasn't sure if I should be doing something different.…auy3kp4iSSkMg_waya8a?dl=0

    Hello Demian, Thank you for try reply. I will try the OSB recorder and send you a video. It might take me a bit to figure it out - I'm not the best at this sort of thing.

    From my description of my PC hardware, do you think my computer is adequate? John

    I'm a new Enscape user so I'm not sure if the effect I am seeing is normal or not. My system is: Sketchup 2018, Enscape, Boxx laptop; Windows 10, NVIDIA Geforce 1080 GTX 8GB, Intel Core i7-8700K 3.7Ghz, 32GB DDR4 ram. When in a model, walk mode, using the left mouse button to look around, when I settle on a view, the materials shimmer and then slowly settle down and stop "moving". I'm not sure if this is because I'm doing something wrong, or is a normal effect, or if my computer is struggling. Render quality is set to "high" but I get the same shimmer when set at "medium". Any advice would be greatly appreciated. John