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    Hi Enscape! Does the old render distance trick work? If so, where do you put the userPost.cfg in the latest version? Thanks!

    "at the moment Enscape clips geometry at a distance of 7km by default as this suffices for most architeture projects and provides better depth precision (less flickering geometry). However you can overwrite that value manually if you really require to render larger scenes, however bear in mind that this comes at the price of both reduced performance & precision.

    To do so, you'll have to locate your Enscape installation first: For current releases that would be in C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins by default, for our current preview version it's the installation folder you chose during installation, default would be C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Enscape.

    In the installation folder you should already find the existing systemPre.cfg & systemPost.cfg file. Simply create a new text file and name it userPost.cfg. Open the file and enter the keyword r_farClippingDistance and the desired distance in meters. For example:

    r_farClippingDistance 15000"

    Greetings everyone. We are encountering an issue where we have very gentle angles and slope the edge outlines are not showing up in Enscape. We viewed it in all quality settings Draft thru Ultra and it's the same result. I've set the outlines in Enscape to 100% just to exaggerate the problem we are having.

    In the photos below, notice that the connecting outlines don't show in certain areas. We've found that any slope 1/.5 or shallower does not show up. Any steeper slope will show up no problem. I also moved the sun down so you can easily see the slopes.

    We are having this same issue with a lot of the new roof designs as they utilize some shallow sloping and angles as well. Any help on this?

    I was just talking to people in the Studio today that said that they can't use the Asset Library in Revit because of this exact issue. They don't want to have to do double work of placing an Enscape Library asset for renderings. They end up having to hide all the Enscape Assets in Plan. Considering we model all of the landscape and context from our consultants, this is pretty important, especially for adoption in the Studio.

    Hi there! Just wanted to see if Enscape has any news on support for all these new headsets coming out this year (2019). I'm sure this list isn't complete but any feedback on support for each would be awesome! I'm very excited for this year! I'm really curious how Enscape will support the new "un-tethered" or standalone headsets.

    • HTC Focus Plus (Standalone Exports maybe? Please?)
    • HTC Cosmos
    • HTC Vive Pro Eye (eye tracking support?)
    • Oculus Go (Standalone Exports maybe? Please?)
    • Oculus Quest (Standalone Exports maybe? Please?)
    • Oculus Rift S
    • Pimax 8K (4k per eye? 200 degree FOV? Yes please!)
    • Valve Index (Knuckle support?)
    • HP Reverb (WMR support without Steam please?)

    If I have forgotten any major headsets to look out for in 2019 please add it below! Thanks everyone! 8) <-- we need a HMD emoji!!!

    I'd like to up vote this as well! We would even be happy with support for an animated GIF! But MP4 textures would really enhance the VR and Drone mode experience! If it was an MP4 with sound that would be AMAZING!!! Imagine a narrated tour via monitors and TV's!!! I think the applications are endless! I think this feature would really set Enscape apart from the competition!

    Thanks everyone! We have since reverted back to wired mode. Everyone at the office was excited about the wireless experience but the quality and performance drop was just too significant.

    Let us know if you guys see any sort of improvement on Enscape performance with the wireless setup in the future.

    The sad thing is that all our other VR applications ran flawlessly with the wireless setup, but we primary use Enscape for our VR, so we had to switch back.

    Thanks again and keep us in the loop please! Everyone wants wireless! :D

    Hi there Clemens Musterle , we we are also having the same problem that MikeWood is having above. The exact same problem.

    Our PC is an i7 6-core, RAM 32GB, M2. 512GB SSD, nVidia RTX2080.

    We have the HTC Vive Pro and the Vive Wireless adaptor.

    We have the same issue with the image in the headset getting blurry/pixelated for a moment then it fixes itself. This happens constantly as you look around. Something has definitely changed in the last few versions of Enscape as even with the latest graphics drivers and the latest version of Enscape, the VR performance is much lower than we are use to seeing.

    Any thoughts?