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    I've shifted away from using VPNs for similar situations. Using an anonymous proxy service was more effective for my needs. It gave me the flexibility and control I sought without the complexities that sometimes come with VPNs.

    In your case, to bypass VPN users, you should look into backend configurations or third-party services that can detect and manage VPN traffic. This could mean identifying VPN IP ranges or using an API that filters out VPN connections. I've started using anonymous proxy services from I prefer it because it's more straightforward and suits my specific requirements better.

    My journey with video editing has been quite an evolution, especially after transitioning from Mac to Windows. While using Mac, iMovie was my go-to for its simplicity and effectiveness in handling basic video editing tasks. It was perfect for my needs then, being user-friendly and intuitive for beginners.

    However, when I switched to a Windows system, I faced the challenge of finding an iMovie equivalent that would maintain functionality. That's when I stumbled upon Movavi Video Editor, which I found through Initially, I sought an essential replacement, but Movavi was much more than that. It offered a plethora of advanced features, which was a pleasant surprise.

    The creative filters and pro-level transitions were particularly impressive, adding a polished touch to my projects that I hadn't been able to achieve with iMovie. The Chroma Key feature was a standout, allowing me to experiment with background changes in a way I hadn't before. This feature alone opened up a new realm of creativity for me. Moreover, the audio-editing tools in Movavi provided a level of control over sound that was significantly more advanced than what I was used to.

    In Sketchup, I can take portrait screenshot by turn on synchronize views button with the aspect ratio < 1 (use thomthom camera tool). Then use create view button, your Aspect ratio setting will save when you load your project again.Sometimes, Synchronize views can't match with SketchUp viewport when I use Pan tool in two-point perspective mode :(

    prg.tojei I'm able to reproduce the behavior. The proxy gets invisible in SketchUp Pro 2018 but is displayed in Enscape. The component box remains visible in SketchUp.

    We'll have a look at it. It may be an issue of SU.

    Please open Sketchup+ivy ceiling .skp file and see the issue in Enscape viewport. The leaves are not matched coordinate in this scene.

    Some model was painful and out of control when I use plugin random scale or rotate (not use scale definition) like Canvas by Renderiza , Spray by thomthom, Ivy

    You can check this component. I think scale definition can fix component coordinate. But it's too lag when using for the plant like ivy because the model has too many objects.

    Here are these files contain my issues.…oLuRZ-Ii-YsqNnnrAAFK7yuUu

    Please right click and click to view source- image. My .gif file can't be played in the viewer.

    prg.tojei Have you tried the preview version yet? It does not give you back the number input, but the rotation slider should work much faster.

    I have tried Enscape-Setup-, the rotation slider work much faster as you said. The old version I use was lagged when I rotate the huge HDRI.

    However, I like the parameter input combined with the slider is useful. Please add this to the new preview version.

    Do you want to simulate a studio backplate? Cause you could have placed it outside your model with a bigger scale to avoid a shadow. Or if you have 360° images you can insert them via the skybox function.

    Usually solid bodies/geometry cast shadows.

    I will forward your request for a shadow control to our developers.

    I think we need two features:

    -Ability to affect cast/receive shadows per entity as we discussed.

    -A back-plate like add watermark images in Styles Sketchup option. Sometimes It will be useful if we want to create shadow catcher in minor scenes or sync style in this scene. But I don't have more knowledge how to add this option to 360° images.

    Your standalone walkthrough exporting file is fantastic, but some customer wants my client to create a showcase video. Their pc is not supported 64 bit, that's why they can't open .exe file.

    I create some scene in SketchUp for make animation. When using Enscape, I synchronize view but your plugin can only make two scenes for setting position. This video is short and can't combine multi video.

    I think your client need update some features like:

    - Synchronize multi scenes in Sketchup to create multi position for making video. ( can reorder position)

    - Preview video feature can save multi-setting or camera path to create a batch-mode render. (I don't want to wait for processing video and set-up next video after finishing,...)

    - A list-box for manage video (like panorama video feature) for combining or splitting video.

    prg.tojei Thank you for your feedback.

    Which file format do you want to export in and what information should be contained in it?

    The import of .fbx files got your upvote.

    Thank you, I have upvoted this feature.

    Not only export file type, but also Enscape can import or open file like .BIP in Keyshot, or .LS in Lumion.

    I want to reduce file size in my project. After create a building or house, I only need to load an exterior scene template to my project for render.

    Here's my example:

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    Enscape supports and integrations more CAD software, and we need this render engine can save as another file type format like Lumion or Simlab to create a template. After that, we will open a file and synchronize only building, house, ... putting on our template to reduce working time.

    Revit and SketchUp can't import .fbx file to create animation. That's why I think Enscape better with standalone import .fbx file from Speedtree or 3dPeople,...