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    It's fantastic to have the settings in the Enscape UI, but please also keep them in SketchUp. Sometimes you want to do some edits without Enscape is running. Please also copy the material editor to the Enscape UI so you can easily tweak materials from inside the render. Of course don't remove the material editor from SketchUp just give the opportunity to edit from Enscape render window.

    No good idea, since the medium setting allow to get light into closed spaced from the environment and this effect helps a lot for lighting closed spaces. So, not all users want to skip mirror reflections at medium settings.

    One slider for different parameters is a bad idea and it doesn't help to pack more parameters in this slider. ;)

    Then this should be fixed an other way, but a mirror reflecting something completely wrong makes it much worse than reflecting nothing.

    Hey GWD , thanks a lot for your request. There are no plans to implement something like you proposed any time soon I'm afraid, since we want to keep the "Rendering Quality" slider as the only main option for ease of use.

    I can still understand your wish to have more advanced controls over the rendering quality alongside, so I can file this as a dedicated feature request if you like. :)

    I that case change my request to remove the reflections for mirrors at all in the medium setting. Reflecting the surrounding in a mirror inside a building is much worse then reflecting nothing!

    Dear Mr. GWD, as the AW Proxy for Enscape3d plugin you developed is very handy, my friend SDT is developing a Proxy object manager plug-in, and wants to achieve a saving and loading function by installing your plug-in first and then calling your plug-in command. We will not make any changes to your plug-in. We just want to ask for your permission and look forward to your reply

    No problem

    When using the saved scenes option in VR my vr switches from walking mode to flying mode. How can I store the correct setting in my scene? Or is there an option to force my vr always to use walking? Also It’s irritating that by squeezing your controller you switch between flying and walking. A lot of clients squeeze unintentionally the controller.

    A lot of times when I use the map to jump to an other location (in VR) I jump to the wrong floor or to the roof. This happen when the room is less high than standard. This is very irritating.

    I like to have a custom quality settings option. But don’t remove the standard settings because they’re easy to use. Just add a custom one.

    Especially for VR speed is very important and lot of times I need something between medium and high. I need the option to fine tune which option may be turned off to get a good performance and which one I need to get a good effect.

    For example medium is good enough but mirrors looks complete fake/wrong because they only show the skybox. In that case medium is good but with the mirrors of high.

    Hi @hndhmn , I'm afraid, this kind of diffused light output is not yet supported by Enscape. But, it's generally filed as a feature request on our agenda so I've given the topic a further upvote through your voice! :) If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

    Please upvote it again for me.

    1. While I can certainly file this as a topic on our agenda, I have to tell you that chances of this being implemented are currently rather slim. Reason for that is, we want to keep the project in Enscape and its main CAD software synchronized (the same). It's technically possible to take the materials from the CAD software to be applied in Enscape, but not the other way around. Still, as mentioned, if you'd like I'll file it accordingly.

    Demian Gutberlet of course the CAD software need to be synchronized. With SketchUp the other way around is perfect possible. If needed I can help you with this.

    After using Enscape for just ons week, I can't miss it anymore. I find it fantastic and so easy!

    Two thing I like to see in a new version will be:

    1. The ability to edit material directly in Enscape also in VR. At this moment I fly or walk through the design and see an incorrect material... I need to go back to SketchUp, navigate to the same location and edit the material. You can win a lot of time if you can edit this directly inside Enscape.

    2. The ability to open and close doors and to turn on and off lights in VR.

    Thanks for the great product!

    Strange. I can only get proper allignment if I align the individual models in Sketchup with respect to the models initial origin point (actually moving the model and not using the 'change axis' button???). Then save, then convert to proxy model and then save the proxy model. Now all proxy models are aligned properly with respect to each other and also when comparing the Sketchup view with the Enscape view. Any idea what is going on here?

    Strange, I don't have this problem...

    To be honest I first reloaded the original components and created new proxies because the path to the original components is inside the proxy.